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There are plenty of good skis out there but I can vouch for the Blizzard Bushwacker and the Nordica Soul Rider. The Soul Rider is one of the most fun all around skis I have ever used. It will definitely hold its own on groomers and the trees as mentioned. Its not going to hold up with solid ice but nothing good in the trees is going to cover ice. I daily drive with the Bushwacker or Soul Rider, powder days with the Atomic Blogs, and ice is covered by a Blizzard GS ski. Like others have said, keep the Fischers alive for the icy days or afternoons and get something with a stiff feel at 80-95 ish in the waist for the real fun mornings / days. 

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Ahhh me thinks the certainty of youth and arrogance is strong with this one Lord Vadar. You might consider looking up some old footage ('60's) of Chris Curtis and Don Post skiing the woods. Victor Coty was the cameraman. It could be humbling for you youngling.



let see the video? where is it....

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As one ex-racer to another, if she's keeping her RC4s for groomer days, I'd suggest going at least 98+ waist, even up to the low 120s. The Volkl Aura or Kiku (and their Blizzard counterparts) are loved by most ex-racers for their grip and stiffness and their race-ski feel. These are great choices for a solid advaced/expert skier that'll keep a grin on her face all day long. Another, even wider, option is the ski that's become my daily driver even here in the midwest.....the Volkl Shiro. It's light and snappy and its very subtle rocker makes it an apt carver on all but the iciest days while making it a breeze in the trees and bumps. It is fun, fun, FUN!!!!


In full disclosure, I outweigh her by a BUNCH.....but she really shouldn't discount these super able boards.


Wishing her happy and successful demoing!!

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I've been watching this for a while - just bc she can carve does not preclude any skis. I frankly douuuuubt she ever skied less that 40pts and the ski will really matter. (40pts is the difference btw kidding around and actually racing) Every ski carves well these days. Even if she did ski 40pts lvl get her what ever - a good skier can make any ski look good. I dated a girl who was on the USST at 16 (no names), she skis whatever she can get for free. Everyone here is over thinking it. Why does she just not call a rep that she knew when she was younger?

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So we're talking about a 40pt FIS racer? Holy smokes... This whole thread is completely ridiculous is that's so. She's well capable of figuring out all this herself. She can ski anything she wants and should have a pretty good idea what she prefers. It could then be narrowed down to a couple of great choices, and as mentioned above, she'll get something from a rep for free or at greatly a reduced price.
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No, the Penguin is just denigrating the idea that anyone not a 40 pt racer is a real racer. My guess, if she didn't race past high school, is that she's over 100, which, per Penguin not me, means she was just kidding around. Pretty insulting, really. There are beautiful skiers who matured late or who didn't have the weight or didn't have the ability to just get past a certain mental speed governor, but who are excellent skiers, nevertheless.
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Ahhhh, got it! Well yeah, 40 pts is a pretty silly distinction in that case.
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Google has Google Translate; Epicski has sibhusky.
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I'm not sure what the 40 pts thing means, but she definitely stopped racing after high school.  I think she was ranked in the top ten in HS ONE year, but never stood out as some sort of phenom, future olympian.  


She does not know any reps, that's why we have turned to the internet for help.

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Google has Google Translate; Epicski has sibhusky.


She is also the Google+ of epic ski.

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Sry to offend - 40pts is a great proxi for someone who will clearly overpower some of the high-end skis on the market. (e.g., the condition for which all this debate is warranted) It is not supposed to be the mark of a real racer - my lowest points were 2X the mark - so you can read it as I'm dissing myself as well. (Though frankly below 50ish points is when people start to look like world cup skiers to the naked eye, e.g., no longer "kidding around")


As mentioned my sister fits the profile and loves the volkl Kenjas

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Even though this thread died, I thought I would update it just in case anyone is doing similar research.


My now fiance (a new development from November :-) ) has demoed both the Volkl Auras (2013/14) and the Line Soulmates (98, 2013/14) at Sugarbush.  


The conditions when she tested the Souldmates were very cruddy and hard pack.  Her first instinct, being a racer, was to continue to rip down the mountain on the flats or carve turns around imaginary slalom gates on the steeps.  Neither of those methods felt good on the Soulmates.  To her, the ski chattered way to much and couldn't respond in the way she is used to with her Fisher RC4's.  Really cruddy days, like this one, are my least favorite for my Prophets as well.  I had to convince her to take it easy in those conditions on the Souldmates because it wasn't for racing.  She did not like that.  It was a better day for her to use her race skis, I agree.  But she had been itching to start demoing and we are only up at the mountain every 2 weekends.  I forced her to hit the bumps once with me and she then understood how the floppiness of the ski and smeariness of the turns was better to work with in such a run.  


Fast forward to first weekend in February and she decides to demo the Auras.  Conditions were softer with mostly hard pack; very little crud that day.  She appreciated the Aura's stiffness more.  She admitted still needing to work the ski in a turn more so than her racers, but once she settled in a line, she could just ride it.  We never hit any bumps, and most of the glades were closed, so it was groomers all day.  What crud she attacked, the ski held it's edge through.  She likes a stiff ride (giggity).  Her biggest complaint was the pink top sheet (ugh).  We returned the skis to the shop that night and they had just gotten in the 2014/2015 Auras.  They're 100 mm under foot and had a much more subtle looking top sheet.  My fiance fell in love with the new version of course.  She purchased them with credit gained from demoing at the local shop.


She'll pick them up on Valentines day.  Hopefully we get a few small storms this week at the 'bush so she can ride these in something other than ice/crude/hard pack.  It's been a rough year in Northern VT for regular snow fall.

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