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Skins for the Super 7

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I have decided to treat myself with a new pair of skis since I won the bet with myself to loose 30 pounds. After new boots I plan to order a pair of Super 7 with Guardians. I dont know anything about skins. So.

What lenght on the skins are right for the Super 7 180? Is the G3 alpinist size L (suitable for skis 180-190) Ok?
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It should be. Ask the dealer or email G3. Buy them for the widest measurement on your ski, not the waist, then trim to fit. If you're not comfortable with this, any good BC type shop or knowledgeable friend can do it for you. Don't forget to pick up something like some glop stopper wax to toss in your pack. Nothing will stop you 200 yrds into a trip than non-isothermic warming snow sticking to the bottom of your skins. :)

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I have G3 Alpinist 180-190cm in the 140mm width on my S7 188cm ski's.  G3 has the awesome tip and tail connectors that never fall off and comes with a trimming tool.  The trimming is super easy and you can watch a G3 video on it online.  Defiantly recommend them.


Considering you have 180cm super 7's I would go for the 171-181 version over the 180-190.  That extra 1cm might be the the deal breaker when putting them on and fitting.

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Thanks. It seams that I need to find the actual length of the skis. 180 is almost in between M and L length. Will try to maximize margin.

Brand: Not stupid choice.
Width: 140
Trim: Good tool included.

From stupid small phone
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