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Any other thoughts on the Metron?? They seem to be the most talked about new ski for 2005, and Muy Kudos to Atomic for coming out with the answer to a persistant quest: Skis that can handle deep uneven snow AND still turn like a sports car and have fully manuverability.

If they fashion a flat version for the die hard randonee/tele market ( I have 2 such hardcore amigos that must use Naxo or fritschi binders or die) they will conquet the world!!!!

Amen Atomic, and Hail to Bode!!
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I'm going to take all the hoopla for the Metron with a grain of salt. Last spring this board was full of praise and anticipation for the Volkl 724 Pro. It would handle powder, crud, ice, high speeds, etc. with no problem. I know several people that have the 724 Pro and love it for all conditions but I wasn't impressed with it in light powder, thought it got knocked around too much in heavy crud and hated it on ice. While the 724 Pro is a solid, versital ski it never lived up to its expectations.
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Metron= Tighter turning radius, quicker edge to edge and more float.
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what are the characteristics of the 11? Lightness, edge-2-edge quickness, dampess,rebound, turning at slow speed, stability? I see a lot of priase but I don't see a description of how they ski.
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