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How to get World Cup Alpine racing on TV/internet

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Any ideas on how to get World Cup Alpine racing on TV in the Seattle area this season? Comcast does not supply it, which is the dominant cable provider here. We can't get Direct or Dish consistently because of line of site, and WAVE is not in this area of Seattle. Can't get it on the Internet either apparently. This is ridicules! Any Internet sources? I can't believe FIS can't find a more comprehensive distributor of their product.

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I feel for ya'.  If you can't get Universal, there are ways to get Eurosport on an Internet feed but for me it was always a pain due to my lack of tech savvy.  I have Dish & have had Universal for the past 2 years but it was a dilemma for me for a few years.  Occasionally, I would get an internet race from Canadian TV.


Do a search on here & you should come up with a pretty in depth thread about setting up for a Eurosport feed.

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I heard a rumor that Seattle does not receive Verizon FIOs service. That is too bad because Universal Sports is returning to FIOs after a two year absence.  You will probably have to stream British Eurosport via a sports streaming site like usagoals.tv.  With British Eurosport you can get the live race feeds as well as the hour long recap feeds that Universal Sports shows.

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Thanks guy's appreciate it - looks like I'll try to get British Eurosports. 4ster, how has Direct or Dish been on their reception, any issues? I know at some of the sports bars it flakes out and freeze-pictulates occasonally. Thanks again.

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I"m also in Seattle. Last year I used StrongVPN to get a British ISP, then I subscribed to British Eurosport. I'm not sure if I will do that again. StrongVPN was great but Eurosport is hit or miss on showing video on demand of the races--most of them are only shown live, some are rerun at set times, and a handful are on demand. I'm not getting up at 3 am to watch racing, and the reruns were often in the middle of the weekend day when I am skiing, or maybe on Monday morning when I was at work, so I wasn't able to see the majority of the races. I think someone here said there's a way to record these but it sounded above my level of tech skill.


As I'm sure you know Comcast has CBUT on channel 99, and they show some races, but their coverage is pretty bad. It's better than nothing, though.


We'd consider switching to Dish or Direct (can't remember which one has Universal) but when I last looked they only had it in their most expensive package, which had a billion channels we would never watch.

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Originally Posted by scotsracer View Post

Thanks guy's appreciate it - looks like I'll try to get British Eurosports. 4ster, how has Direct or Dish been on their reception, any issues? I know at some of the sports bars it flakes out and freeze-pictulates occasonally. Thanks again.

I have had Dish for over 10 years.  The only reception problems occur when it is snowing hard & the dish itself needs to be cleaned off.  I have been told you can rap it in a plastic trash bag or similar & that will eliminate that problem.  I have pretty easy access to the actual dish, so it has never been a real problem.  I will have to admit their customer service has gotten better in recent years.


I believe both Dish & Direct now carry Universal.  On Dish, like Christy said it is included in one of their top subscriptions, but you can also get it as a supplement on one of the add on Sports packages.  I think it is like $9 a month, I sign up in October & then shut it down in April.  Because I am a longtime customer I have been able to get them to cut the price both last season & this one.  So far I don't feel like I am being ripped off, although I did have to be patient & jump through some hoops to get there.   As a new customer, you oughta be able to work some kind of deal at least for the first few months.




PS: if anyone decides to go with Dish please PM me first, I think I can get some kind of referral rebate if you use my name...  thanks!

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Thanks Christy. This is pretty frustrating. I believe that both Direct and Dish carry Universal, maybe one of them has a better deal over the other. I agree about CBUT, usually just the clips of the Canadian skiers.

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Thanks 4ster. Shame miserable Comcast and Universal can't come to an agreement and carry it again. May have to top some trees and go with the satellite provider. Christy, try contacting WAVE, a relativly new cable provider in the Seattle area. They carry Universal Sports, but are fairly limited in their territory. Some parts of Seattle, and Kirkland - east side area.

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Oh yea, one other thing.  Last year some of the races were shown on NBC sports & were not included on my Dish programming.  With World Champs this year that might be worth checking out, I have not gotten around to doing so myself.


You've gotta be pretty dedicated to view WC in this country!



EDIT:  Not World Champs, it's an Olympic year which I imagined will have the typical lame Bob Costas coverage.

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Christy, try contacting WAVE, a relativly new cable provider in the Seattle area.

Interesting, hadn't heard of them. We're on Phinney Ridge in 98103 so they don't serve us, though maybe they will in the future.

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Sportlemon.tv but you have to catch it when it airs, there is no on demand. Usually catch British Eurosport, but occasionally in German or Italian even though I have no idea what they are saying usually.

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The goofy part of the Comcast/Universal spat is that Universal is a partnership with NBC Sports. Guess who owns NBC Sports, Comcast. Go figure.



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Thanks for continued replies and ideas. Yes, Orionxprss, the Comcast - Universal mess staggers the imagination. I'd be livid if I was FIS - they're supposedly trying to grow the sport in the U.S. and the major provider and vendor can't get it together in their own house to reach a critical mass market, and this problem is not just about the Seattle market, (which is a big ski town market). I think the only way this is going to get solved is pressure and awareness by fans writing to FIS about this. I'm amazed FIS is not calling them on the carpet about this. At least reactivate the internet feeds through Universal site like they did the first year Comcast dropped them. I paid for the Universal subscription then to watch and would again, (if it's reasonable). Missed the commentators, (they only had those hosted feeds occasionally for some reason), but at least you got to see all the races on demand.

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I'm already set to go for this year's WC.  I am going to do the same thing I did last year.


From the web:

1. VPN into a Euro country. Right now I'm using a server in the UK.   I'm using Strongvpn for $55/year

2. Subscribe to Eurosport. I have an Annual pass - L24 per year.

3. Record the shows.  I use Replay Video Capture from applian.com   It's one-time $24, or the whole suite for $50.  I setup the scheduler on Replay Video capture.



VOD would be the way to go, but Eurosport doesn't offer it.  I probably watched 40 or 50 races. 


1) Of that, about 1/3 were rescheduled due to weather.  That makes using a scheduler difficult.  You come home and find a recording of Snooker.  :(  

2) Replays are offered 2 or 3 times, depending on the race.  The more popular stuff is repeated, lesser, not so much.  Usually you'll find a reply a) later in the day and b) once or twice over the next two days.  When a race is rescheduled, all the replays are rescheduled as well.


The nice think about Eurosport is that they have Nick Fellows.  Nick is the best ski race announcer I have ever heard.  Check him out. 


He's not only well informed and organized but he gets soooo into it. Winds me up too. I often get up at 5am Eastern to watch some races during the week.  He makes it so much fun I've been late for work a number of times.  Oh yeah, they race too! :)


He makes all the other announcers seem clueless (and they are.)  The woman announcing with him is an Olympic racer, but I don't recall who.  John Clark is pretty good too.



I'm trying to figure out how to watch the Olympics.  I think I'm going to VPN in to watch either BBC.  I also have heard that CBC is offering 100% live coverage.  I need to find out more about it.


Broadcast contracts are here:


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Originally Posted by 4ster View Post
typical lame Bob Costas coverage.

Ain't that the truth.  Nick Fellows or John Clark are the go-to guys for ski race coverage.   Either that or turn the volume off.  





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Great stuff, thanks much, Bill, appreciate it.

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For the Olympics, given that it'll be a 12 hour time difference from the West Coast, that makes most races doable to watch live (most are at 11 am Sochi time).



I also have heard that CBC is offering 100% live coverage.

That would be a good time to up at Whistler then, too.

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I'll put in a plug for Fantasy Ski Racer. I'm not associated with the site, I just think it's a lot of fun.


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I love FantasySkiRacer.com!  I finished 3rd in the U.S. last year and 7th in the World.  If anybody is looking for an extra member for a league drop me a line. 

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Geez, and I thought my 29th/66th was pretty good...

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According to Universal Sports website they are available on the following:



CenturyLink Prism





Time Warner Cable

and Google Fiber (available in a handful of places: Kansas City, Provo, Utah, and Austin, TX.  )


They have a link on their website giving you the opportunity to ask your provider to add them.  I've sent that request to AT&T Uverse numerous times but I doubt it will ever happen.  They can't even get "Local on the 8s" on the Weather Channel

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For those willing to tolerate not watching live I think at least some of the races end up getting posted on youtube. It seems I recall that being the case last year, for example...




Any other online sources for VOD access after the fact?

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^^^ anything you find on youtube or elsewhere on the web you can now easily view on your big screen with Google's new $35 Chromecast device:




This is a nice option that wasn't available until a couple months ago.


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That ^^^ is one way to go. If you have an older computer and tv you can do something like this...




Cheap, and it works just fine.


If you have a newer computer and tv just connect with an HDMI cable and you're done.


Unless you want to add a wireless keyboard so you can control from your couch.  ;-)


The benefit of using an actual computer instead of Chromecast is that anything you can

look at/listen to on your computer can be displayed on your tv.

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Originally Posted by jc-ski View Post



Hey, that's my post from above on TV!  I've always wanted to be on TV!!!! 

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Good suggestion.  One of my websites (GoldenYearsGeek.com) is devoted to tech tips for seniors and I put together a video showing how to hook up a laptop to a TV.  We still need an internet source that will get us the product on a reliable basis.


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For those willing to tolerate not watching live I think at least some of the races end up getting posted on youtube.

My experience has been that very few full races end up on You Tube, and those that do end up getting pulled pretty quickly.


Now, a single racer that crashes? That's all over You Tube.

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That's been my experience too, Christy. Good lord, all we want is the freaking Universal Feed, or some close approximation. You'd think we're trying to download government secrets or something - Maybe we have to apologise for wanting to give them money for this service that pretty much the rest of the world can get......

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From FIS Alpine World Cup Tour's Facebook Page


Now we finally have some BIG news for all ski fans!
Highlights from most of the Audi FIS Alpine World Cup races will posted on the official FIS YouTube channels just a few hours after the races and they will be free of charge for fans around the world!

Check out the teaser of what's to come and don't forget to hit that Subscribe button on our YouTube page right away!


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Yes, saw that - thanks. It looks like it will be just a series of 2 minute clips yo clickthrough though. At least it's something, but pretty weak compared to teh normal coverage we're looking for. So much for the internet and modern tech-advanced worldwide television being the great equalizer......

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