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Andy Wirth Injured in Sky Diving Accident

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According to news reports, Andy Wirth was sky diving alone when he landed hard and injured his arm.  

He's had one surgery and will be undergoing another surgery.

No reports on what the actual injury is. 




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It sounds like "he enjoys life to the fullest". Kinda cool for a CEO.


Not the injury though. Wishing him a speedy and complete recovery.



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I hope it's not the arm he would use to sign a contract to replace Red Dog.

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Sometimes you get the Bear.....sometimes the Bear gets you!

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Maybe JT's been working an alternate angle to Dr Robb by encouraging him into it.

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This update from Andy Wirth...


As many of you may be aware, I have come into a rough patch. While skydiving with my friends JT Holmes and Timy Dutton, I landed short of the drop zone and, in turn, landed in a vineyard. Suffice it to say, skydivers and vineyards don't mix very well. I suffered trauma particularly to my right arm and I was airlifted to the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento. I have been operated on in three separate occasions with the best trauma, orthopedic and plastic surgeons in the country. Though I'm still in the hospital, my condition is stable. My return to the office has yet to be determined, but I will remain closely connected through my assistant. If you need to reach me or Karen during this time, please kindly do so through ..

My wife Karen and I thank you so much for your support, thoughts and prayers. I am quite fortunate to be able to send this update to all of you.

Be well,


Andrew D Wirth | President and Chief Executive Officer
Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LLC
Alpine Meadows & Squaw Valley

The question is, did he get a bottle of wine from the vineyard? 

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He wants to careful telling a pilot he wanted a fine drop ;)

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Andy tells an interesting account of his injury and recovery in this note on Facebook 


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This was posted on Facebook by Andy's daughter (as well as JT Holmes). 

Andy threw out the first pitch for the Reno Aces for High Fives Foundation. 


Edit:  This link isn't working for some people.  I'll see if I can find a better source. (this link was from his daughter's share) 

Perhaps you can see it on Andy's Facebook wall https://www.facebook.com/andy.wirth?fref=ts


Also, here is an article about JT sky diving into the ball park to hand off the ball. 


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