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skis for a small woman

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I am an intermediate woman skier comfortable on the easier black runs at Tahoe (but not yet on moguls or black runs at Whistler). I would like to buy skis, but being just under 5' and 95 lbs, I wonder whether I would have problems with "intermediate" women's skis. I would get skis ranging from 150-160cm, I think. I would also like to improve on moguls and start to ski off groomed runs. Any ideas?
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I can suggest 2 models from Atomic. The e-zone 7 or the R8.18, both in 150cm. Both skis are very similar, with the R8 being a little more advanced, but still in the upper-intermediate ability range.
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I think a women's specfic ski of about 150 cm would be a good choice. If you can find any of the new Volant Vertex models, this may be something you may wish to consider.

The most important thing is can you flex the ski. Because of your height and more importantly your weight, you need to avoid an overly stiff ski. A short overly stiff ski will ski you, rather than you skiing the ski.

Additionally, since you are skiing out west, and seem to want to ski in conditions other than the groomed slopes, I would suggest an all mountain/freeride ski that is at least 70mm. wide in the waist, and minimally 98 mm in the tip and the tail.

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K2 T:Nine.
From what I've read they are one of the best ranges of women-specific skis.
I know that Nolo has a pair, so maybe you could PM her, or persuade her to post here!

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I had a similar choice to make when buying some new skis for my wife. She already has some 160cm Pilot 8's (the 2-3 year old model in pale blue). She wanted to get better in bumps and improve her carving. The local ski shop suggested some Rossignol Viper S in 140cm, these T power skis are meant to be skied short, and for a 5' woman the 140cm was the correct size. They are hard to find in this size, we ended up with last years model, without the twin deck binding attachment system. They are the same ski otherwise. She will continue to use the Pilots for any offpiste days, as I presume they will float better as they are larger skis, though we will have to check this over christmas!

My post about this is here:- http://www.epicski.com/cgi-bin/ultim...c;f=1;t=003482

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