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Volkl supersport 5stars

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skied 3 days at jh on 5* 168cm. i'm 5'10, 170lbs. unbelievable on the groomed and on bumps. very quick and easy to turn. doesn't mind the crud, carving right through. 12-24 inch powder was actually okay--certainly not as easy as the midfats i have. didn't have a chance to ski really deep stuff though. overall, the ski gives you energy, makes you carve your turns, and likes to cruise at higher speeds. i think it's a nice choice if you ski on-piste 80% off- piste 20%.
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I've skied about 30 days on my 5*'s. They are an excellent everyday ski. For comparison sake I'm 5'11, 175 pounds on 175cm. I was concerned that the ski was too short but after having skied them awhile I find them perfect for everything but deep powder and heavy crud.

I'll go along with azrider's review but I have no problem skiing offpiste 80% of the time. On big powder days it is necessary to take out the powder skis, but beyond that they're great.

I do think this is a relatively advanced ski and am constantly surprised at the number of beginner and intermediate skiers I see on them.
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It just goes to show you how many people can "get away" with skiing a ski much above their ability level-i.e, they can "get down the hill". Too bad they are probably not improving much with that much ski underneath them. It is rare that the customer (especially guys) comes back with "boy, this ski was too much for me-I am fighting it rather than enjoying it". More often, it is "that ski sucked!" (all of us shop employees know the truth when we hear that line I grimaced when I saw a guy today on 5 Stars swooshing his tails around which his feet locked together-that ski deserves so much more!
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Wow! Why the comments after two people posting about the 5*'s : Do you know the posters? It sounds like you're questioning their ability to handle the 5*.
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I think dawgcatching was refering to the "many beginner and intermediate skiers" that couloir8 saw on these skis. I doubt that dawgcatching was making any negative comments about the 2 previous posters.

Frankly I also noticed many mediocre skiers riding on the 5 & 6 star skis. Of course, they hardly use the potential of those skis. Most of these skiers would not know when a ski is too much for them anyway.

In the end it is a matter of personal choice, but for many, the equipment will be yet another obstacle on the road to improvement.
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Sorry Dawg, maybe it's time to see the eye doctor : I totally missed that line. And, I am in agreement though when seeing some people in 5* and 6* and skiing with their tails. No leg seperation and no carving at all.
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I got the 5* as well earlier this season -- I'm 6'2", 170 and I ski the 168 length. I can't imagine what a freight train the 175 must be. The 168's speed limit is waayyyyy above my personal speed limit. The deepest I've had them out in is about 5" of glop (hey, I'm a New Englander. We haven't gotten much snow this year!) a few weeks ago and it just plowed through. I find them to be a LOT of work in bumps, unless I'm really skiing well. Ok, my "A" game in bumps is what any decent bump skier would probably call their "C" game, so you can take that with a grain of salt.

I too have seen a lot of twist & skid skiers on the 5*, and can't imagine what they're thinking. I hate the 5* when I try to ski it like that -- it's the difference between driving a Ferrari around a racetrack vs. parallel parking the Queen Mary. It makes me cringe every time I see somebody doing it.
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