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Kid/Youth ski questions

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Hi, I've found lots of incomplete and/or contradictory guidance on kids skis - hoping you can give a few answers or feedback.


Background: My son is ~10 years, ~100 lbs, intermediate skier - not a racer or a jumper, but skis at decent speed with skidded parallel turns on blue and black runs, uses his edges and is starting to try bumps. I'm hoping to move him along to proper carved turns this season. We ski in the west and he's never seen ice, but he also doesn't ski much in ungroomed snow or powder. I'm looking at something around 140cm (mostly because of his weight).


I get various answers about (non-race) kid skis, everything from "they're all basically the same soft, foam-core beginner crap so it doesn't matter" to "the right skis can make a huge difference." And it's almost impossible to find any reviews of info on kids skis online beyond the manufacturers' flowery BS about your young grom owning the park.


My questions are:


Width: I figured a standard 65mm waist would help him get from edge to edge quickly and help his carving. But I've also been told that wider skis around 75-80mm are more fun, especially when there is deep snow, but still carves perfectly well.


Core: I know most kid skis are composite (foam) core, but there are some wood ones. Is it worth holding out for a wood core (especially given my son's weight) or don't worry about it?


Turn Radius: I assume shorter (~11-13m is typical) to get him carving his turns instead of skidding.


I haven't checked out any new stuff at local stores yet, but a few skis I've found or had recommended online include:

  • Rossignol S65 (looks OK, but foam core)
  • Dynastar Team Legend Juniors (look decent, but foam core)
  • Head Monster Team (possibly too beginner-ish)
  • Several Elans (some wood core, others claim "Syn-Flex" is better than standard composite/foam)
  • Rossi Bandits (older, probably too long-radius)
  • I've heard great things about Mantra Juniors but can't find them anywhere any more.



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There are a bunch of pretty cool kids skis out these days that would work just fine... the Rossi jr. S7, Volkl Gotama, Head Ethan too, K2 Bad Seed, Line can't-remember-the-name, etc... I think all I've mentioned are around 11-12r. 

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Thumbs up on the K2 Bad Seeds.
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