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Hello Lars

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Hi Lars,

I demoed a pair of B2's at Whistler and, like you, found them to be a great all mountain ski. Unfortunately I was unable to ski them in wet, heavy crud. Have you skied them in these conditions and if so how did they handle?
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Sorry for the late reply but i've been out of town. I'll be totally honest with you about this, i've only been on them in real wet heavy stuff a few times and they felt a little grabby and I really had to steer them into the turns. BUT, if the conditions are bad enough for me not to feel comfortable on my B2's then i'm gonna get the heck out of it and relax in front of a cozy fire with a Baileys and Coffee. I've yet to find a ski that would make me feel comfortable in cement.

I will tell you though, I just skied them in 8" of pow over suncrusted cutup at Copper the other day, bumps, trees and bowls were no match for the B2's as I ripped it up all over the place without incident.

As i've said for a while now, I still think it's the best mid-fat all mountain ski that i've been on.
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Well they went on sale so I bought them anyhow. I figure if it gets too heavy for the B2's I'll switch to my XXX Bandits.
Thanks for the reply.
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You won't be sorry. They will treat you right. How much did you pay for them if you don't mind me asking?
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Lars, give me a jingle at bg@vtlink.net
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700 bucks Canadian. They were nine hundred originally.
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