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Kastle skis for sale

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I have a few pairs of lightly used demos for sale:


MX88 178cm with marker k12cti  $850


MX78 168cm with marker K12cti $800


MX83 163cm with marker K12cti $800


I also have an LX 82 172cm with tyrolia K12 cti  that was used once going for $750


Pictures of all the skis are available, let me know if you have any questions.

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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post




I agree, you may want to take a look at e-bay to see what these skis are really going for.....

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I wouldn't even pay that much for new skis.. Bindings or not.
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Canadian Pricing ????

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Like this.

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Hey guys,


Sorry point taken about the pricing.


MX83 now $600


MX78 now $600


LX 82 now $600


Sorry again!!!

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Approximately how many days on them?

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the lx 82 has only had a couple on and both the mx 7-12 days but a lot were demo so only a couple of runs. i have pictures of all the skis, let me know if you are interested in a particular pair?
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Interested in discussing the LX 82s off line. PM sent last night. Please advise if sold. Thanks.

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