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Dynastar Troublemaker

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Length: 165
Skier Experience: 10-15 days a year for 3 years.
Binding: Look P12 Jib
Awesome ski. Rock solid on jumps and dropping walls. Good speed and stability. Easy to turn even at 80mm in the waist and my relative light weight (115 lbs). My only complaint is that this is not a very good mogul ski. Beware of heavy wet snow that gets kicked around. This ski will make it a workout. Overall, a great ski.
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And they look fantastic.
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I've been on my 175cms for a couple of weeks now. I picked them up as my all-around east coast ski. I'm wishing I hadn't center mounted them, but they're still great. Ton's off energy. You just bounce through everything.

Being mounted as far forward as mine, the tips are pretty squirrely and the tails can be hard to slide around in trees and moguls, but as long as I stay forward they're fine. To really hold a carve I've got to get my weight further back then I'd like though... It's still easy to tell that they've got plenty of edge hold, and can handle decent speeds. They also did really well in 6"-10" of fresh powder due to the soft tippy-tip (the ski gets radically softer in the second half of the tip and tail) despite not being that wide and being so forward mounted.

I'll probably remount 2cm back from center. I don't think I'll give up too much in the park by doing so, and they should be even better on the rest of the mountain.
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Another thing I love about this ski (besides looking great and showing off those awesome bases from the lift) is their switch riding. I'm just learning, but they're nothing to go from switch to regular riding. Just load up the tail and give 'em a little twist and you're back around.
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I and my son(51 and 19) have been skiing them in 165 cm. We are both 5'9'' and 160 to 165 lbs. I have never had so much fun on a ski. Nothing in the parks, but in just about everything MRG, Stowe, Jay (some waist deep pow) and Sugarbush have to offer. I have never been able to ski bumps and trees as well as I am now. My last pair were Rossi Vipers 9.1.

Last season I demoed a lot, with my favorite being the Intuitive 74, but the TroubleMakers are much more nimble in the bumps. I think the key is to ski them short.

My son has the matching Look bindings, I have Marker 1200 pistons. Many thanks to Rick at Sno Haus for the good steer.
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