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Canting - in boot, boot sole or binding

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As near as I can tell, there are three possible ways to achieve canting in ski boots.


1. In the boot but using canted footbed shims.  See http://www.footfoundation.com/SKATING/skiing.html

2. Grinding the boot soles to the prescribed angles and shimming to get toe and heel pieces back into spec.

3. Shim the bindings.


What are the pros and cons of each method?


#1 seems like would be the cheapest/easiest but does it really work?  First time I have seen this is yesterday.

#2 you can change to other skis no problem, you had better get it right the first time, but those boots are now yours baby!

#3  Reversible but you have to do it on all your skis and you can't step into someone else's for a test (well at least not with canting of course)


Are there any performance implications associated with each?  The good, bad and ugly?

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Shims in the boot is not a canting method.  It may be or should often be the precursor to canting but it doesn't perform the same function at all.  As far as under the boot or under the bindings there is no difference in function but under the bindings requires doing each pair of skis.



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Cuff alignment

Internal shim 

Last resort binding canting

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Things that are done inside the ski boot tend to occur in the foot and ankle, things that are done on the bottom of the boot tend to occur at the hip.


Where you make changes is determined by what you are trying to influence. You don't compromise one area to appease another.


Of course, that's just common sense. ;)



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and just to throw something else into the mix, if the skier has a weakness in the core muscles (piriformis/gluteus medius) then a strengthening plan may remove the need for any canting whatsoever, however most people don't want to do the training so unless this is a for a committed athlete the results are limited

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and some of the under boot shims are canted, so you can change them if the angles are not right...


but yes,  what the other guys said will be the order of doing things

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I'm familiar with SBS.  Shoudn't Be called Science.



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