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K2 Pinnacle boots: 110 or 130 flex?

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I got a great fit in a K2 Pinnacle 110 at the local shop the other day, and I'm real close to committing, but I wonder if the 110 flex will be enough.  They only had a 29.5 Mondo in the Pinnacle 110, so I can't try any other K2 models for comparison.  I did do a hot-and-cold comparison with a similar Dalbello, and the K2 was noticeably more comfortable and a snugger overall fit.


I'm really impressed with the K2 approach to boot design, and with the walk features of the Pinnacles in particular.  It's a dramatic difference walking around in the shop.  I ski at Squaw, and, in addition to the parking lot, one can get a lot of foot time in places such as the Gold Coast building.  The system is so slick and easy that unlocking for liftline time makes perfect sense as well.  I'm just wondering whether I'll miss the control a 130 flex would provide.


I salvaged my old Lange X Zero 9 shells last season with a bargain Intuition liner.  They fit now, but the forward lean and race-boot stiffness are a bit much.  I'm 65, 6'-180#, expert since my teens; a lot of (very fast) groom-zooming but all-conditions capable.  My biggest issue with the Langes is comfort; my ankle bones and shins come home sore, and I think the aggressive (15-16°) forward lean fatigues my quads sooner than might otherwise occur.  I'm skiing on Rossi E98s (180) bought last spring.


So I'm looking for something with firm support, compatible with the modern skis, but more forgiving and comfortable than the Langes.  I really think an LV Pinnacle 110 would be ideal, but K2 only makes a 100mm last for that model.  I'm an 11.5 A on a Brannock device, so low volume is my default.  My thinking is that the 110 with the power buckle from the 130 might be a sweet spot, but then the 110-plus-power buckle would be only $50 less than the 130.  I could ski the 130 a bit looser in bone-jarring conditions by playing with buckle tension, so I wonder if it wouldn't be better to have available high-end headroom rather than try to firm up the 110 when needed.  I'm keeping the Langes for the occasional race day.


The magazines don't seem to have had Pinnacles to test last spring, so all they offer is paraphrased features summaries and theoretical impressions.  Anyone had a chance to compare the 110 and 130 on the snow?

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I've heard the Pinnacles are pretty soft for their ratings. I don't know much about your current boots, so I'll take your word that they're stiff. I'd go 130.
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