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Ski village

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Set aside three weeks for skiing this winter.  Bringing my wife (who does not ski) and am looking to go somewhere I haven't been before that also has a relatively bustling base area with restaurants/shops/activities for a non-skier.  Something along the lines of Whistler/Vail/Park City/Breckenridge, but not those.  Doesn't have to be as extensive as those, just something to keep a non-skier busy.  Places I've already been include Whistler, South Lake Tahoe, Big Sky, Aspen, Vail, Beaver Creek, Steamboat, Breckenridge/Summit County, Park City, and the Cottonwood Canyons.  Specifically want to know how the village areas are at Jackson Hole, Telluride, Crested Butte, Banff/Lake Louise/Sunshine, Sun Valley and on the north side of Lake Tahoe.  I don't mind staying off the mountain if there's a reasonable village/base area moderately close by.  Anyway, I'd appreciate any input/advice from y'alls.  Thanks!

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Sun Valley doesn't really have a village at the base(s), however the town of Ketchum is about a mile away and the Sun Valley resort is about two miles away. Plenty of lodging, dining, shopping etc. in both places and good free bus service.

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CB, T-ride and Banff are all great towns with lots of options.  (I can't speak to SV or Jackson.)  The lifts are just a few bocks off main street at T-ride.  CB and Banff require a drive/bus to get to the lifts.  All three towns pre-date skiing and have a real town feel.  Size wise, Banff is the biggest town, follwed by T-ride then CB.    Banff is probalby the best for the non-skier with a hot spring right in town and lots of other non-ski activities.  But I suspect all 5 towns are likely to be good options for you and the wife.

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3 weeks is many days n nights....  right up my alley!  But, I'm a nomad, drives no problem, not sure you likey.


I'd combine TRide, CB, and Taos.  All 3 have nice, really nice villages, and superb skiing.


CB is 30 minutes from Gunnisson, Taos 1.5 hours from Santa Fe.



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Great info people! Thanks a ton. Any other thoughts?
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Banff national park is widely viewed as the most beautiful place on earth. Scenery wise any all other ski areas are far behind battling for 2nd. Deer and elk roam the streets being that its in a national park. Great town... if your wife isnt skiing she'll have plenty to do. If you've got the cash you HAVE to stay at least a couple nights in the banff springs and/or the chateau lake louise- two of the worlds most iconic hotels.

Skiing wise youve got a choice of 3 resorts in the park (sunshine, lake louise, and the smaller norquay) and kicking horse is just down the trans canada.
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1)  If you want a great town you haven't been to, try Telluride.

2) Lake Louise is magnificent.  The "village" you seek is in Banff.  The Canadian Rockies are more jagged (much older) and IMHO more beautiful than the Colorado Rockies.  The Chateau Lake Louise is a great place to stay (see below).  Not exactly a village, but the lake is frozen in the winter and the views from the European-styled (smaller sized) luxury rooms are magnificent. Banff is close by as is the mountain.

3) The ski "villages" in North Lake Tahoe are in Squaw and Northstar.  There is nothing wrong with Truckee or Tahoe City, but they aren't ski in/out (lol).

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Banff Springs is en actually the better of the two hotels... as its the original and possibly the grandest of the chateau-style hotels built by the railroads. Its closer to the town too.

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We used to stay at the Post. Smaller and less citified.
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