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Mammoth Area Scoop

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Hi All,
We just booked a trip to Mammoth for a week in March and are very excited.
I wanted to ask if anyone knows of any local "hidden Gems" in terms of food, shopping, bars, music, etc.
Also thinking about hiring a guide for the first day to show the four of us around the mountain, but all I can find is the ski area offering to rent you and instructor for $90/hr. Anyone have any local contacts?
Where can we get a good steak? Any insights on Mammoth would be welcome.

Thanks again,



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End as many days as you can at The Mill Cafe at the bottom of Chair Two/Stump Alley. If you are driving to the mountain there is a parking lot there. Order the beef sukiyaki at Shogun and avoid Angel's as it has gone down hill big time. I am struggling to remember the name of the restaurant where we've had decent steaks. It is located on the main road more or less across the street from the post office. Very visible but I'm drawing a blank.

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Oh, where are you traveling from? Mammoth is just fantastic! We'll be up there in January for a week then again hopefully for the gathering then again hopefully in April.


Happy hour at Whiskey Creek is awesome. Slocums is very good. There is a Chart House there if you are into that kind of chain. If you like craft brews, Mammoth Mountain Brewing Company is beer, beer, and only beer, open limited hours. I lose my husband there sometimes. The beer is good.

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Not trying to hijack this thread but I will be working at Mammoth this winter and have very limited knowledge of the ski resort and the surrounding town. If anyone could elaborate on the nightlife that'd be great. That's my main concern. As a college student who goes to a top-20 party school I'm nervous that the town of Mammoth may not be lively enough.

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We are staying at the Mammoth Mountain Inn in a condo. No car, flying into Mammoth Airport.

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Here is last year's shuttle schedule.

When will you be there?

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You can check out Sierra Mountain Center in Bishop CA.  They do backcountry guiding off the backside of Mammoth, but to be honest the BC of June mnt is the best, if its a good snow year.  

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 avoid Angel's as it has gone down hill big time



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I highly recommend Toomey's. It is located right in the village.


Here is a link:


Check out the Pan Seared Ahi Tuna, Lobster Taquitos, and Filet Mignon too. Actually, everything I've had there is great..

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Just to give you some other options, since you are staying at the Inn, the Yodler is right next store and is great for lunch especially if you want to get away from the cafeteria atmosphere of Main Lodge. A little more expensive but you get to sit down  and get served. Fish tacos are great. There is a bar in the Inn that serves food and has a great view of the mountain. Not much of a menu, but it is OK and convenient. The Hofbrau Haus near Canyon Lodge has a good Happy Hour and is on the bus route. For info on the back country around Mammoth, Mammoth Mountaineering Supply next to Slocums is a good source. They also rent all sorts of tele and back-country gear at fairly reasonable prices. If you are powder hounds, Lift 22 on Lincoln's Mountain is usually a sure bet after a storm. It is located above Canyon Lodge. Sometimes it can get pretty windy at Main Lodge and many if not all of the lifts can be closed at Main Lodge. It is worth a bus ride to Canyon or Little Eagle Lodge because they usually will have something spinning. Lift 15 at Little Eagle is pretty flat but it can give you access to a few steep, short shots. Lift 8 at Canyon is pretty well sheltered and is usually spinning. In addition to an app for your smart phone, lift status at each lift is identified by flags: Red being closed; Yellow, open in 30 minutes, although I have waited over an hour on occasion; and, Green, open. March is usually one of their snowiest months, so come prepared. Nothing like doing laps on Lift 2 next to the Mill during a storm and not see your tracks from one run to the next. Be sure and hit Rogers or Drop 18 if the winds are out of the Southwest. Enjoy.

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Whiskey Creek is consistently good for steaks.  The best food in Mammoth is Petras across the street and there is a bar

under the hotel.  The post about "the Mill" is correct.  For hamburgers Grumpies on Main Street I think.  As for late night

stuff you'll have to ask someone else.   Have fun, it is a good mountain.

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I love Mammoth. Nice to know about the place:

> Apres ski warm drinks at the bar of the Mammoth Mt Inn - their big window that looks onto the mountain showcases the sunset and resulting alpenglow. As you're staying there, check it out. :-)


The Village area

> 1/2 price on appetizers/drinks at Whiskey Creek during happy hour makes it fun to share a variety of plates. Dinner--always very good quality.

> Mammoth Brewing Company - semi-hidden but not hard to find location near the village, local brews are excellent. The flight of beer samplings are totally worth the nominal fee, there are friendly pourers and clientele.


On Old Mammoth Road, the older part of town:

> Steak - The Mogul, Charthouse. These 2 restaurants are pricey but usually worth the splurge

> Roberto's - great margaritas, great Mexican food, very popular with locals and out-of-towners. Very popular = very busy with long wait times, but if you're flexible, they'll serve all the menu upstairs in the bar.

> Giovanni's for pizza


Off the beaten path, if you can get there:

Tamarack is a lodge and cross-country ski resort at the end of Lake Mary Road, but if you can get out there, they have a wonderful, old-fashioned main room for lounging and enjoying a warm drink, and an intimate fine dining type of restaurant serving xlnt food (and desserts). The scenery is spectacular.


Music: Whiskey Creek for dancing, Rafters for live bands

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In my opinion Tamarack Lodge is the finest restaurant in Mammoth.  Dining room is small, so reservations necessary.  People staying there have priority, so almost impossible to get in on winter weekends/holidays.  You will have trouble getting out there without a car.  Petra's and Nevado's are next best for fine dining, with Nevado's being the better deal as they will give you 3 courses of your choice for ~$45.


I agree with other recommendations above: Whiskey Creek happy hour, Roberto's for Mexican but avoid peak hours, Giovanni's for pizza.  Toomey was the chef at the famed Tioga gas station near Lee Vining in summer. Same excellent menu in his new spot in front of the Westin by the village.  There are about 4 tables inside, so you may want to do takeout there if it's busy.



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