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Mom wants her skis back [Tahoe, advanced skier]

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I have been using my mom's skis since we bought them maybe about 10 years ago since she wasn't using them. Not even sure what they are or what bindings etc. She is getting back into skiing and wants her skis back so now I have to find some new skis (huge problem such a bummer I know). Thing is, I've never bought skis before since I had some since I was young and then just skied on hers this whole time so I have no idea what anything means blah blah. I have been doing research though.


So I am going to the Marin ski swap next weekend to see if I can pick up a pair of skis, bindings, and probably boots too. I don't really know what to look for so if maybe you guys could recommend some stuff to keep an eye out for that would be super helpful. Here is some info on me as per the "5 Key Questions."


1. I mostly ski in Tahoe, namely Sierra at Tahoe. This season, my girlfriend and I are planning a trip to Jacksonhole come winter vacation for 2 weeks-2 months depending on our work schedules.


2. I prefer groomers mostly, though I was skiing some trees last season and that was fun. On my old skis, I was clocking about 45-50mph down some groomers last season and felt very fine and totally in control. I can work the trees and stuff, but I am definitely not as good at those yet, but would like to explore it more. Steeper the better, don't like ice though.


3. I ski about 20 days a season, but with this trip upcoming that will probably double (trying to hit Mammoth on the way back!)


4. I would say I am an advanced aggressive skier. I can ride my edges all the way down, and am confident with long sweeping turns. Not afraid to bomb something unless it has some gnarly moguls or ice. I have been skiing since I was 10 and am 24 now. I would obviously like to be able to do some cool stuff not on the groomers like chutes and backcountry while still maintaining high speed.


5. I am 6" exactly and weigh 140 lbs, 138 lbs by apres ski. I have a high fitness level (Ironman/50 mile marathon/150-200 miles per week cycling road and mtb). I am leggy, not sure if that matters. When my girlfriend and I go skiing, we are the first ones up the mountain, stop for a bloody mary, and ski until close nonstop except for the bloody mary and do that all weekend then come home and go running on Monday after work.


Thanks gang! Always been a skier, but never really a part of the ski community!

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Welcome to EpicSki.  I strongly recommend you not buy boots at the ski swap.  They are unlikely to have a boot fitter or anyone who knows how boots should fit.  Boots are the most important part of the package because they transmit your intentions to the skis.  Go to the Articles section here and read the article about buying boots, they read the wikis in the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum so have a better understanding about boots and how they should fit.  Find a competent and seasoned boot fitter near where you normally ski(makes minor adjustments easier) and get boots from that person.

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FYI re local shops (Im in Marin). Demo Sport, where the Marin swap takes place, is a family run business. If you go there after the swap, work with Steve or Greg. Nice people but they're too busy during the ski swap to fit boots. California Ski, on Gilman in Berkeley, is just across the bridge (300 yards E of I-80) and they have a nice selection of skis and an experienced staff. If you go local, start there. That said, I get my boot fitting done in Tahoe.
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You could get boots in JH and have them tweaked slopeside.  By the time you leave they will be close to perfect.  Don't buy boots at the swap.  PM me when you are coming and I can show you around the mountain.  I can also get you a 10% discount on any gear you buy, it's not much but it beats retail.  BTW...  Right now in JH there are deals at many of the shops that are better than what you will find at the swap.  I'd imagine that it would be worth checking your local shops before heading to the swap.  If for no other reason than to get educated about what's out there and what stuff should cost.  At the swap there is so much energy and frenzy that it can be overwhelming.  I think that it is hard for a lot of people to shop and find a deal in that environment if they don't already know exactly what they are looking for.


Almost any ski that is less than 3-4 years old will be better than what you have now.  You should be able to get into a decent demo ski and bindings for around $350.  If you get to JH and don't have something, I have a pair of 176 Gotomas with bindings in good shape that you could get into for about $300.  The Goat is a good 1 ski quiver for JH.  I don't sell at the swap because I want to keep all the money:D.  


EDIT...  There is also a good consignment shop in town that has all kinds of gear and clothing.  If you must get used boots, they have a wide selection and you won't be pressured like at the swap.

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