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First turns today on a short run but thats all we have for now. My knees still work so it is a good day. 

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I'm in Denver visiting family, and skied abay today, headed back tomorrow. Day 9, and the first skiing mainly groomed runs. Not bad!
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Ski Area: Copper

Day # of the season: 4

Weather: Sunny and cold

Conditions: hardpack

Gear I was on: Line Prophet 90

Summary: Mine Dump was open...first bumps of the season!



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Sorry guys, a bit late to the party, but I figured I' d still contribute.


Ski Area: Northstar
Day # of the season: 1 (Monday, November 25, 2013)
Weather: Clear and sunny, most likely 40 degrees
Conditions: Man made snow
Gear I was on: Tecnica Dragon 120, Elan Amphibio 88XTi


I summarized the experience in the stoke thread. It was a decent day for a first day. Mainly worked on balance and carving techique. Realized that I am putting too much weight on my inside ski sometimes so I was working on that most of the time.


No waiting in lift lines since I as riding singles all day. Wasn;t too crowded but the terrain was very limited.


I ll try to add a phone picture later. Only took one.



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Ski Area: Mt. Rose
Day # of the season: 2 (Friday, November 29th)
Weather: Clear skies, high 30s
Conditions: Man made snow. Only skiid off Ponderosa lift.
Gear I was on: Tecnica Dragon 120, K2 Omni 5.5


Very limited terrain at Rose. Only took 6 runs and was working on my balance and carving again. Much better progress with making sure my weight is on the outside ski and centered.


Never waited in the lift line but left at 11 am because it was starting to get crowded.

Didn;t take any pictures, because it was really nothing to see there.

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Ski area: winter park
Days: 6

Coverage is minimal, hard, and mostly man made. Plenty of crowds and generally not much fun compared to my previous days at other colorado resorts/areas this year. Plenty icey to boot. Bring your rocks and an ice axe. On the flip side my son had fun at the terrain park, my wife calked it quits early and watched him all day. I should have followed suit. Instead i skied the jane side and rocked up the fresh tune on my new gotamas on mary jane trail....there's a ton open but not much snow to go with it. I will give it one exception, little pierre has waist deep power but it was waist deep crud by 10 am. Pretty tough skiing conditions.
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Ski Area: Northstar
Day # of the season: 5
Weather: Damn cold..and clear
Conditions: Perfect groomer zoomers on limited terrain
Gear I was on: K2 Pinnacle 130 boot and Head i.Rally along with two runs on Atomic M;EX's mounted with Neox EBM electronic bindings. 



I skied the morning with one of Start Haus's customers and spent the few first couple of hours making railroad tracks  a very task with the magnificent Head i.Rally. Other gear that I spend some time with what the new Poc Forix BC w/MIPS helmet and the Zeal Optics goggles with video. Outerwear was provided by Descente. 

In the afternoon, I thought I would give the Atomic Neox EBMs a try. I have these mounted on some period M:EX 175s. The EBM is a motion sensitive binding so when it was just in the rack, the binding was dormant and then as soon as I moved the skis to put them on snow, the toe displayed OPEN. When I clocked in the Atomic logo showed then the toes DIN, then the heels DIN then forward pressure >I< showing that all was week then OK was displayed, safe to ski. The binding performed without fan fare, just as I would expect a binding to react. As far as the ski, it is amazing how skis have evolved int he past 7 years. The M:EX used to be a pretty good ski, but by todays comparisons, it...well..sucks. No worries, they did their job providing a platform to test the EBMs. Now, the EBMs will either be installed on another pair of skis or make it to the binding collection in the "One Hit Wonder Wing" with the likes of (but not limited to) the Line Reactor, Geze SE3, Look XM and Marker M40 Sensomatic. 

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Day 3


Soft groomers

First day on my new Soul 7s.


The inversion was in full effect, and Nevada was under a sheet of clouds until shortly before we left at noon:



The view from the top of Dipper chair, with the lake on the left and cloudy Nevada on the right.



Orion and Dipper runs were open. Not the most exciting terrain, but the snow was solid enough. I skied my new Soul 7s expecting a little more snow left over from Tuesday's storm when Heavenly was on lift hold, and was initially thinking I should have waited until the next storm came through, but I was amazed at how well they handled the conditions. I'm going to ski them again tomorrow even without new snow.


The guns were blasting Comet. We were told they blow 5 million gallons of snow a day, which is nuts. Comet looks pretty close and the same Heavenly employee told us she expects it to open any day now, possibly tomorrow.



Awesome day, even with the limited terrain.

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Ski Area: Mary Jane

Date: 12/4/2013
Day # of the season: #1 (and a pow day :))
Weather: Cold (high of 5-10 degrees?) and snowing.   
Conditions: 4" new on a 26" base at Winter Park turned into a full on powder day at Mary Jane.
Gear I was on: Way undergunned.  Volkl AC30 170cm, Hart F-17 198cm circa 1998 (see below)

Summary (please include pictures):  Unbelievable first day of the season.   I was initially bummed when the forecast for up to 10" turned into a morning report of 4" new at Winter Park.   Got to the Jane in time for front row parking in Utah Junction and first lift.  


I took lots of pictures to document  for @Tony Crocker that early season skiing in Colorado is much better than the statistics might indicate.


Four inches new at WP was more like six at Mary Jane.  Very, very nice conditions.  Everything to skiers left of the Super Gauge lift was open, with the trees roped off for good reason. 



First run of the year: Straight to the good stuff, Sterling Way.  Oh my, that was nice!



Bottom of Sterling.



Back up the lift looking some poacher's tracks.  No lift line all day on a high speed lift = lots of skiing!



Second run: Drunken Frenchman



Third run: undisclosed secret location.  And.. that what I get for stopping to take a picture, crap.


And, then the fun began.  About 10am or so patrol opened the Challenger side of Mary Jane.  Everything from the Super Gauge to Needles eye!  That's a bunch of runs being skied for the first time of the year.  Full on powder.


No pics for a while... busy on pow seeking laps.   Here are a few after it's tracked up:



Top of Phantom's/Railbender to Needles Eye was my fav.  After sampling all the goods, went back and did lots of laps there.



Looking up at the top of Phantom's from the cut over.



Half way down Needles Eye looking up.



Looking down Needles Eye from the same spot.   It was fun making big turns on these runs that normally have huge bumps.



Under the C lift.



Bottom of Derailer.  Those poor shrubs... they keep coming back every year in spite of the abuse.


Stopped to thaw out about 1:30 and switched to my Hart F-17 (fourth string) rock skis.  I brought them along because of the reports of horrible conditions the prior weekend.   Thought I'd take them for a run just to see if I could still ski them.


Took out my old 198 F-17's for a run just to prove to myself I could still ski them. That's my fourth or fifth pair I burned through mostly at the Jane. This is the skiing equivalent of a hostage photo with a newspaper. :-) Had to prove I didn't just dig up photos from 1998!That's my fourth or fifth pair of F-17's I burned through mostly at the Jane. This picture is the skiing equivalent of a hostage photo with a newspaper. :) Had to prove I didn't just dig up photos from 1998!


Top of Sterling Way. As scared as I've been on skis for years

Top of Sterling Way.  Probably as scared as I've been on skis for years.


Bottom of Golden Spike. I have no idea how I ever kept those skis in that zipper line, and no desire to re-learn. Sadly, off to the retirement home for the F-17's. Thanks for the good times.

Survived Sterling and headed over to the bottom of Spike.   I have no idea how I ever kept those skis in that zipper line, and no desire to re-learn. Sadly, off to the retirement home for the F-17's. Thanks for the good times.


Fun, fun day!  It was also great to meet and ski with @whitemb, a fellow Colorado native who grew up skiing at the Jane too!

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Perfect North Slopes


second day of skiing for me and daughter whose 5.



I think this season alot of my skiing will be easy runs with my daughter. Its pro and con nice 4-6 in snowfall while skiing I could do tougher runs with great conditions and no one there however he getting through a mile run with no falls or stops makes my day better than any steep run.


Anyone else have there best day without doing a single challenging run?



The smile at end on a 5 year old sums it up her best day yet on the slopes with 2 runs that had no falls. She gets turning and thats a big step. I better watch out she might be better than me within a couple seasons.

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Ski Area: Whiteface
Day # of the season: First ski day of 2013-14, Nov. 30
Weather: Clear skies, cold but no wind, 10-20 degrees
Conditions: Mostly man made with a little natural on top


For early season, conditions were pretty good at Whiteface.  Could do a run from the top of the gondola non-stop to the base.  Also one way down from Face Lift chair.  Spent most of the day on the greens off Mixing Bowl because my daughter was experimenting with telemark and her friend is a beginner.



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Ski Area: Wilmot Mountain, Wisconsin
Day # of the season: 1
Weather: 9 degrees, sunny
Conditions: All manmade, with more being made as we skiied

Day 1 of our season, with our first visit to a Midwest resort in many years. Fun outing with my 12 year old son, who wasted no time skiing backwards, then progressing from green to blue to black in no time at all. I felt pretty comfortable overall, this is my 3rd day on skis in the last 2 years, after a near 30 year lay off.


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Ski Area: Mt.Rose
Day # of the season: 4
Weather: Clear skies, very cold. 3 degrees
Conditions: Mostly man made with reported 14" on top. Snow guns were still on full blast and the Kit Carson Bowl was groomed.
Gear: tecnica 120, elan amphibio 88

Got to Rose at 920am and while the temperature in my car showed 3 degrees, being outside the car and in the sun wasn't bad at all.
Going up the lift, my face was pretty cold for the first run but everything else stayed fine. New Hestra 3 finger gloves did a great job of keeping my hands warm. I will post a review of those soon.
Lift line for singles wasn't bad at all. Most of te time I had one, maybe two people in front of me and loading was quick as usual at Rose.
The snow, especially where the guns were blasting wa grabby and I think that my skis were too sharp on it as well. I had all conditions wax on them from winter storage an just scraped it 2 weeks ago. Old wax basically, but the bases still look fine.
I skid for two hours and was only in the kit Carson bowl. There were some small bumps forming on the outer edges and I tried those a couple of times. Need to get my bump technique way better so I will be working on those this season.
It was crowded, especially with a couple of race teams using the same bowl.
I stayed for 2 hours, did about 12 runs and checked out. It was starting to get more crowded around 11.
Still no pictures. I just ski and forget to take them. Having one run open doesn't make me want to take pictures anyways.
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Ski Area: Northstar
Day # of the season: 7
Weather: Sunny and cold
Conditions: hardpack
Gear I was on: Head Rally, Stockli Laser SX
It was a slow mid day at the shop so I thought it would be a good chance to go out and spend some time comparing the Head Rally with the Stockli Laser SX. JA (along with "Farmer" Doug) and I went up and tooled around playing with different skis. It was a cold day and the new (and improved) Descente Moe worked quite well.

I need to get some pics
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To all you guys taking your kids skiing ,hats off to you. Love to see the look of shear joy on their faces. Wishing everybody a great season of memories. I' ve been out 3 times for a couple of hours at a time and ma heading West on Thursday for a few days of turns.
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Ski Area: Northstar
Day # of the season: 8
Weather: Sunny and cold
Conditions: hardpack
Gear I was on:  2014 Head i.Supershape Rally Ski 

Another fun day in the snow. Skied  Northstar-at-Tahoe with Tricia, Jonathan and Doug. Conditions were groomer zoomers and skied the Head Rally. I am not sure if there is a more fun frontside ski offered at this price point. The K2 boot is skiing well. Ski wear of the day was the fantastic 2014 Descente BC Jacket  jacket and the matching Revel pant. The 2014 POC Fornix Backcountry MIPS Helmet  helmet is very comfortable.

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Ski area: Copper
Day of season: 19
Weather: started cold (7) and warmed at the bottom, but lots of wind
Skis I was on: 2009 Kastle MX98

Copper is skiing great! My buddy and I skied much of the mountain, including Andy's to Overlode, Brennan's Grin, Cdl, Hallealua, and Minedump, Kaboom, Revenge, Jupiter Bowl, Endeavor, and Retreat along with a few groomers. The best of the day were first tracks on the front of the Sierra lift. As this appeared to be the first time the runs (Kaboom, Revenge, and Jupiter) had been skied, there were a few rocks that could be found, but it was excellent if stiff skiing.

My favorite bump run of the day was Cdl down the lift line to Cdl. The bumps were pretty deep and consistent (unusual for that line). Brennan's was second with the softest snow in the bumps and Minedump was in good shape.

The snow is pretty firm and grippy underneath a bit of loose snow--firmer than I would've expected given the amount of snow last week. I guess that's what cold temps do.

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Ski area: Da Boat
Day of season: 6
Weather: Am, a few below getting to a balmy 8 at mid mountain. (warmest in days)
Skis I was on: Unleashed Hells, 185


The boat is still skiing very well, the snow is still superb but the deeper stuff in the trees is getting a little firm due to the sub zeros temps. Still fun though, you just have to be a bit more deliberate. groomers are covered in a blanket of Hero Snow.  The bumps are still very soft with loose snow. they have been a blast.  

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Ski Area: Northstar
Day # of the season: 10
Weather: Sunny and cold
Conditions: hardpack
Gear I was on:  2014 Head i.Supershape Rally Ski


What a beautiful day along with skiing with some great friends. Tricia, Erin and myself got to test Helly Hanson outerwear and damn we looked sharp. Reviews will be posted shortly but in the meantime. Fairtomiddlin got to test some skis and he was grinning from ear to ear. 


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Wed. 12.11.13 Mt.Bachelor,Or.

Clear and 24F w/ marginal base.

Tools for the day.

Grab a lift up.

Made some turns.

Demoed some ski clothing.

Couple of German guys and a Beer.

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Ski Area: Northstar
Day # of the season:
Weather: Sunny and cold
Conditions: Hardpack and man made snow.

Gear. Tecnica Dragon 120, Elan Amphibio 88


Ordered some tuning items from SlideWright and received them last week. Got to use the Ski Visions Edge sharpener and run the green stones a couple of times and then set the setting at 1 degree base, 2 degrees side and used the files. After that ran the green stones over again.


Northstar was fun for sure. I ended up going to Burnout and Drifter and those runs weren;t fun for me at all. Too icey and hard in my opinion. Had a really hard time finding an edge and carving properly.

All the other runs were really good in my opinion. Had a grea time and the newly tuned skis were holding up great on everything except on the hard trails. I could certainly feel a difference.

Rose tomorrow, Sierra at Taho eon Sunday if it all works out.

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Is this thread for "special excursions" or every day I ski? Do you really want 70-80 postings of one ski area or just the "over the moon" days?
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First day of season, 12/13, not bad for SE PA, at Blue, of course. About half open, firm but edgeable (is that a word?). I was just glad to see that I remembered how to do anything after only 5days in the last two years (arrival of grandchildren, torn meniscus) but we have big plans for this season.
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Ski Area: Chapman Hill, Durango, CO
Day # of the season: 12
Weather: 38*
Conditions: Yes.
Gear I was on: Salomon Scream 10 Pilot



My wife and I are fighting head colds, and didn't really feel up to skiing this weekend, but it also kills me to spend a weekend off of snow. So, instead of driving up to Wolf, I decided to change things up and hit up Chapman Hill.


Chapman was built in 1954.  It is just East of Downtown Durango, and occupies the side of the Mesa underneath Fort Lewis College.  It has a distinct connection to Colorado ski history- the rope tow is the original B Slope tow from Camp Hale.


Inflation gets us all- a ticket costs $12.


I should keep this pictures handy for when I do my unofficial guide. Then again, I wouldn't want just anybody to find my Chapman powder stashes.


North Durango and the La Platas. I am sure Chapman is eying them for future expansion.


Looking up at the top. Surpisingly steep for such a little hill- maybe 35* at the top. But, you have to have a death grip on the rope to make it there. The best I could do was about 20 vertical feet from the summit. Seriously, being a grown man hanging on to a weathered rope being hauled up a 30* slope is not an easy thing. My hands fatigued far faster than my legs today.


You know that guy that has a garage the size of his house? Chapman wins.


Ski history isn't just about the Aspens and Sun Valleys and Squaws. Places like this built the ski industry, and I am glad they are still around.

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Chapman looks like a fun little hill.  I'd lap it.  Hesperus looks worth checking out too.  Got to support these places and keep them alive.

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Ski area: loon
Day #1
Conditions:12"+ powder
Weather: low 20s Light flurries
Gear:blizzard bonafide
Lots of fun out at loon today...a few issues with the lifts (wind hold/mechanical failure) but north peak was awesome. Walking boss and flume had amazing coverage
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Ski Area: Mt. Rose
Day # of the season: 6 (Saturday, December 14th)
Weather: Sunny and cold
Conditions: Hardpack and man made snow.
Gear. Tecnica Dragon 120, Elan Amphibio 88

Rose opened Ramsey's in addition to Kit Carson bowl and Ponderosa terrain.
Ramsey's was hard and icey. I skid it twice and had a really hard time getting grip even though my skis were tuned.
Kit Carson was nice, but was starting to form ice patches and after the runs I saw that my skis had some gouges and scrapes.
Heavenly tomorrow most likely.
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Ski Area:  Snowbasin, UT
Day # of the season:  21
Weather:  Winter storm warning
Conditions:  Up to 18" fresh!
Gear I was on:  SkiLogik Chariot TT's



The day began with a slow drive around the lake, as the storm had begun with freezing rain which made the roads a bit challenging.  As soon as I left my house I realized that I could've grabbed my Super 7's, but if I turned around it could mean missing first run fresh tracks.



What was forecast as a couple of inches, turned out to be a solid foot & a half of right side up snow.

                                                                                             (Sean M. around noon on TP2)


Too bad that this heavy load of snow is sitting on some old faceted snow in the Backcountry.



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