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4 stars or elan s10

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hey all,
i'm in the market for a secondary ski with more umph and stiffer for short turns that is fairly forgiving. i've narrowed it down to the 03/04 elan s10 168cm and the volkl 4 star 168 cm.
i regularly ski on salomon scream 10 hot 175cm. and love them; they're just not as versatile as i try to make them (and believe me, i try to make them). i guess what i need to know is, is there a weakness in either of these two and what are some real characteristics of them for eastern conditions. i cannot try them out and have little time to make a decision (ebay). thanks in advance for any input.
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As far as where the skis rest in their respective lines for both companies, the S10 is higher than the 4 Star. The S10 probably compares more closely to the 5 Star. Based solely on that observation i would go with the S10. If you are looking for a ski that has closer to the performance of the 4 Star, go witht he S8 Fusion.
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I agree with Greg! The 4 star doesn't compare.
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thanks guys, wo the auction...s10's it is and picked 'em up for $247, not bad?
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sakamo, where did you get them?
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check out Reliable Racing. skis came today, that's where they came fom. 247 USD
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