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Availability of Hotel Garni Rauch?

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Hi All,


I have e-mailed the hotel about reservations for the gathering but have heard nothing back.  I was also unable to book rooms for that week online.  Should I take this to mean that it is full?  Did someone reserve a block of rooms?  Am I simply missing the secret password?  ;-)  Any help would be appreciated.



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I'd look for alternates to email.  I think it's the off season there, no telling how often they look or if the place is even open right now.   How long has it been since you emailed?  

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I received their response this morning, less than 48 hours after putting initial request for availability. Unfortunately they are booked, although I inquired for Feb.3-Feb.15. At least some, maybe all duration of my intended stay is not available. I did indicate that I would be joining a gathering of ski enthusiasts that frequent this internet forum.

As I indicated in another thread, it is somewhat tricky booking a hotel room/apartment overseas. Lot's of e-mails, pricey money transfers, miscommunications and timing issues. I guess we are used to instant gratification(confirmation) in this country, others do it slightly different.

I will probably cough out some extra money and get a studio apartment at HausMarco (studio is Euro113 - very pricey). Might have to shorten my stay in St.Anton and split my trip in two with cheaper France or Italy being other part of my trip. or some other Austrian resort. We'll see...

Hotel Dorfblick is another one that responded with an offer of Euro83 for single room. 

Other inquiries (at least 10) - no response. Also do not like the idea that room/apartment have to be fully prepaid with virtually no option of canceling/changing stay.  

Good luck finding a suitable place for your group and hopefully we'll share some mountainside fun this coming February.

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Hi folks,


Not sure if you are aware, but the dates you have chosen are the main school holiday ski weeks out in Europe so finding somewhere is going to be very hard.


I noticed 'Goranmilos' mention cheaper in France. I think he will find it is just as expensive as Austria and hard to find somewhere for those dates in France as well.


I am over in Les Arcs / La Plagne Paradiski area in France also near to Val D 'Isere and Tignes. Places around here are also filling up fast for those dates.


You need to get your bookings confirmed quickly or you may be disappointed.


If anyone is coming over to my area drop me a line and we can meet up for a drink and even a ski or snowboard maybe.


If you need any help with arranging things, I can try and lend a hand. Let me know.


Depending on my program this winter I might try and get over to join you for a few days if the snow is good in St Anton. Not sure yet.






For anyone coming to the Paradiski or Espace Killy areas this winter. Here are some links to check out.








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Like most places in town, the Rauch is pretty small (only 13 rooms as far as I can see), so it's likely they're fully booked because of our gathering (plus normal bookings).

You'll probably have to book elsewhere, but there should still be several places to choose from that are in the same part of town or a short walk from there (1 or 2 minutes). Are you looking to get all three in one room/apartment, or would you rather have a single room and a double room?
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