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Volkl Racetiger GS skis.

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I have some all Mt. skis, and powder skis, and older race skis; but I wanted a fun carving ski for the front side for days that have no powder. I ordered a pair of Volkl Racetiger GS skis at 185cm, the longest they make. I was a bit conflicted if I should have got them or the WC ones. The ones I got have a 19.8 m radius and the WC have a 30+ m radius. I have been told that as the 30+ m radius of the WCs are not required as i am not racing FiS, that the racetiger GS would be more useful, and I should be able to take them up to 70mph when I feel the need for speed, so I think they may be able to run fast on them, 70 MPH seems bit fast for any GS ski IMHO. I am not sure just how fast I am going so I'm not sure how to judge it. I have a pair of Volkl Katanas that have a 30 radius, but as they are fat I often get tired of turning them on hard pack, as this is not what they are made for they are more work to keep turning. I think the Racetiger GS should do a good job of carving up the trails, and be fast enough for when I want to take off. I am over 6' and 230lbs and mostly made of meat not fat. So do you think I made the right choice?
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Yup. The non-FIS ski will be way more fun as an 'around the mt' carving ski or for Nastar/ Beer League.

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70's really fast.  Full on tuck, you know your going fast, fast.

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20 m is a good compromise for fairly fast skiing at most resorts.  It's not what you would want ideally for strictly fast skiing, but if you did get a speed ski, it would likely spend most of its time on snow below it's speed range, and not be as good a choice for the turns you would be making most of the time. On the other hand at 230 lbs, you might find the Race Tiger GS  a little soft and folding up on you or letting go when push comes to shove in a high speed critical turn situation.  Be careful; it may well feel so good up until that critical moment that you may forget it's not a race ski and ask too much of it (I did that exactly once on my old (antique?) Volkl P50s).

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Some good points.  As Whiteroom says, you definitely don't want the 30 or 35m FIS ski, not a lot of fun for what you are after. Like Ghost though I would be a little more concerned that if you were really pushing them, you might start to get some wash out, the Volkls tens to be at the softer end of the spectrum in this category.  However, given your description of the intended use  you will be fine!

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