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So I just moved to the holy land of Colorado from the ice coast and currently I've got a pair of '11 Rossi S5 skis. I really like them in that they're stable and great for fast carving, but I've got them center mounted. Since I was back East, it's probably been about 5 years since I've ridden a ski that wasn't center mounted so I wouldn't mind keeping them in the quiver just because I obviously like that option and at this point my style has adapted a good bit to suite.


That said, while they were fine on ice, I learned that skiing a center mount ski in powder is challenging to say the least, so it's probably time to supplement them with something mounted more traditionally. Enter the Soul 7 and Super 7. At first, I was thinking a pure powder ski like the Super 7 might be a good option, given that I already have an AM ski, but after reading the reviews about how solid the Soul 7 is in pow, I'm kind of wondering if it's worth the hassle of switching skis once everything gets tracked out. Thoughts?


I'm 5'10, 155 lbs, currently on a 178cm. I'm an expert, aggressive skier; however, being from the East Coast, I have very little experience with powder.