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Head IM 75

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Has anyone demoed the Head Monster IM 75's and if so what are your impressions? Would they make a good all mountain ski?
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There's been much discussion. Do a search in the Consumer Gear Review Forum (see the search button under the word "poll").

I own a pair and like them a lot for most skiing. Try them short since they ski long. I am 5'7" and 172# and own a 170 cm (non-chip version). For true powder they will not be as good as an 80 mm plus waisted ski, but they plow through crud and they do well on groomed and bumps.
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I own a pair of the iM75 Chip, and I haven't found any conditions that these don't excell in. I'm sure that an ultra fat powder ski is probably better in deep snow, while a giant slalom race ski is probably better on the hardest snow, but if you're looking for one pair that will handle anything, than these are the ones.
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