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Fischer S400

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I've read all of the great review concerning the Sceneo 400, but looking for some final input before I pull the trigger. Info: I'm 6'4, 230 and an advanced intermediate who used to ski 30 days/ year East Coast, but am now limited to one or two weeks in Utah with an occasional day trip on the East Coast. I now have Atomic 9.18's, but find them tough going when I go off-piste (30%), but I still spend most of my time groomed (not bumps), so I'm focusing on a 68-70 waisted ski. The only question I have about the S400's is whether they will hold up to my size, or do I need a stiffer ski? I am also considering the Volkl AX3 and Head i.M 70 as alternatives. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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I am a little bigger than you, but I found the Sceneo 400 to be a little soft for me. I ended up getting the '04 Fischer RX 8's and they're fantastic, in my opinion. If you're interested in a 68-70 mm waisted ski, you should try the Fischer RX 9, which is also a very good ski.

Have you tried either the Dynastar Ski Cross 9 or 10? I also just picked up a pair of SC 10's (69 mm waist) and like them as well. I think they're a little more demanding than the Fischer RX 9's which they compare with. Both of these skis (SC 9 & 10) are available on ebay for decent prices. Cupolo's has the SC 9 with bindings for $399. I thought the im70 was too soft as well, but have no experience with the AX3.
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