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Heated Boots

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I suffer from really bad chilblains and working as a ski instructor means that often in the middle of february i can bearly feel my feet and I'm in agony all day. Are boot warmers any good? I know they're fairly expensive so don't want to invest in some if they're not worth it. Are there any cheaper alternatives/hacks to have warmer feet? Good socks just don't cut it... 


Thanks in advance

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foot warmers work pretty well, we sell a lot to race coaches who are stood around all day watching athletes on the hill, and to people with reynauds syndrome or who just get cold feet, there are a few models/brands out there, all roughly the same sort of price, neatest battery packs in terms of fitting to the boot are the Conformable Pro set, longest battery life per charge is the Thermic 1600 series although the 1200 series last up to 22 hours (mind you do you need it to last 22 hours?)


the elements are all wafer thin and can go onto any (almost any) footbed 


in addition it may be worth getting some heavy foil tape on the bottom of your liners to reflect the heat in/cold out

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What CEM said.  We have some customers (many actually) that swear by them and some people they don't help at all (me unfortunately), but the only way to find out is to jump in.  They are spend but for people they help it will be the difference between staying out all day or freezing your feet, so definitely worth it.



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also intuition liners can help, and boot gloves too.


electronic heaters (thermic and hottronic) are like adding a bigger furnace to your house.   


The intuition liners and boot gloves are like adding more insulation to your house.  


both work to keep you warmer, but neither is as good as a trip to mexico and just laying on the beach.

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