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Seth Pistol 169 cm.

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Ski Make:K2
Ski Model:Seth Pistol
Ski Length:169
Snow Conditions Used In: Powder, chopped powder, death cookies, crud, groomers.
Number of Days Used:1
Your Ability: one boot firmly planted in level 8 PSIA
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 5
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 25
Other Skis You Like: Elan Mantis 662, Pocket Rocket, Sollie Crossmax and X-scream
Your Height/Weight: 5'11, 185 lb.

Comments- What a great ski! Tried them on a powder day @ Jackson with 6-8" of fresh. Skied everywhere. The shorter lenght was a benefit in the trees and bumps, and a detriment nowhere. Rock solid ski, but not super damp like I felt about the X-tra hots in 175 cm. Blew thru crud like nobody's biz. Seemed like it would be ridiculous on groomers, but not so. Very manageable. Float was unbelieveable. Gotta lock 'em in the rack though, all the jib kids were eyeballin' 'em hard.

It is a lot of ski though no matter how you slice it, and required a lot more user input than my primary ski (66 mm underfoot). Not for the East or groomers, but great for the all mountain ripper in the West.
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How would you compare them to the Pocket Rockets? I love my PR's but find that the tips on the PR's sometimes tends to dive in really deep bottomless pow (>30cm). I probably should have mounted them back 1-2cm from the recommended mark. The long tail on the PR's seem to work against it in deep pow.

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Pistol is a better ski in the pow and the crud, wider, stiffer.

But the PR is a bit easier to manage everywhere else.

Tossup, the pistol is a more dedicated plank, and the pr more versatile, IMO.
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Originally posted by wizard:
How would you compare them to the Pocket Rockets?
Sold my PR's after I picked up a pair of Pistols last year. Now I have a 179 and 189. The 179 is as fun as the PR's, but better as an all around ski, especially where speed is concerned. The 189 is a bit more work, and only comes out on deeper days. The only place that I preferred the PR's, was in the park where they were a bit easier to spin and throw around. The 179 Pistol is a phenomenal single-quiver fat ski for out west.
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