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October 9th Release Notes--Rise of the @ sign

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There is a cool new feature rolling out with the release on the 9th that will allow us to mention other users in our posts and get their attention. See a post about a ski area that has an ambassador? Just create a post "Our ambassador @tylrwnzl can answer your question". Many uses for this new tool. Also something annoying to me that you may have noticed is that smiley's kept jumping down a line when you posted them, that is being fixed as well. 

Your @mentions call all the users to the yard (aka @mentions)

You've seen mentions on Twitter and Facebook.  Now you'll be able to use them on your site to your heart's content.


Brought to you from a few of our great engineers who started this for a hack day project, @mentions will automatically be triggered in the rich text editor as soon as you type an @.  When you do this, in the rich text editor, you'll see an autocompleting username drop down from which you can select a username.  




This will insert an @mention into your post which links to the user's profile.  




The @mention itself is a single object so if you backspace over it, the whole thing will be removed from your post.


There's another very important thing that @mentions do - they will send an immediate notification to the user being mentioned.  Woohoo!  They're a great way for users to communicate with each other and page each other in posts.  Huge engagement points.  Just imagine getting paged by a user you know.  That's an email you want to read and a post you want to respond to.  As with reputation notifications correlating with a big reputation usage increase, we hope that @mentions will increase user engagement.  Here's what the email will look like:




But I hear you in the back there.  What about user blocks?   What about people who hate getting email about stuff?!


If User A has blocked User B, User B can still put @mentions into their posts for User A, but User A won't get any emails about them.  


@mentions will be useable in pretty much any editor on the site.  But they'll only trigger notifications from posts, reviews, and articles.  That means if you want to put in a moderator's username in your welcome PM, you can use an @mention but it won't trigger a notification to that mod.  If you want to put an @mention into your signature, you can do that as well....but that's right, no notification there.


But for the people who don't ever want to know about being mentioned, we're adding in a user preference to disable the email notifications.  As with comment notifications and follow notifications, a user can change their preference in the Account Details section of their profile.






Embed articles (aka embed articles)

In the last release, we gave you the ability to embed products and threads in other pieces of content.  In this release, we're adding articles into that mix.


Now you can search for article titles or use an article URL in the search tool to embed articles.


The block and inline layouts look like this respectively:




Bugs and minor enhancements:

  • #14122 - Smilies won't end up wrapped in a paragraph tag anymore.  If you put them at the end of a sentence, they should stay there.
  • #14091 - Nonbreaking spaces will no longer be occasionally be added to URLs (causing them to break).
  • #14140 - A search spinner will now appear in the tag tool to indicate the search is processing.
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I LOVE the concept but see a potential for abuse with discussions start getting heated.  Lots of personal attack flags could start flying.

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Yes, I sort of like knowing if someone is talking about me, but sometimes I leave discussions on purpose. Sounds like all or nothing?
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I'm guessing that site management would prefer that resort ambassadors NOT disable the notifications for this right?  I'd really like to disable mine when this goes live. 

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You can disable getting notified about it, but not disable it happening (which sans notification it is basically just plain text so not really different than how it is setup now). 

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