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2005 K2 Omni 5.5

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Ski Make:2004/05 K2
Ski Model:Omni 5.5
Ski Length:174cm
Snow Conditions Used In:crud/bumps/courdory
Number of Days Used:3 runs
Your Ability:improving (8?)
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing:16
Avg. Days per Year Skiing:currently 60
Other Skis You Like:Head i-GS RD, Elan S12 Fusion, Mantis 662
Your Height/Weight:5'9" 155lbs
Comments: This is the next generation of Escape 5500. The sidecut is changed-111/69/101, with a radius of 16m in 174cm length. It was due for a makeover-the Escape 5500 had not really changed in 3 years.

First off, this is a sharp looking ski-much better than the current 5500 graphics. Red and white swirls that say "K2", with a round tip. The old K2 insignia (red/white/blue) is gone-probably doesn't make sense now that the skis are made in China : .

I really was impressed by this model. This is a wood ski with no metal, it is marketed toward improving intermediates to good advanced skiers who want a performance ski that doesn't kick their butt at the end of a long day.

It was a very solid carver, was quick in the bumps, decent in crud, and reasonably stable on groomers. Obvioiusly it isn't a GS ski, but then again, it is quite soft and easy to ski-no metal. There was some chatter at high speeds on rough snow, but I wasn't getting overly tossed around-probably about 25mph is where the ride starts to get a bit rough on cut-up groomers. It didn't seem to like 2-footed technique too well-get on the inside ski, and the outside ski would drift-it may have been the tune. Didn't feel like an expert-level ski, but rather a forgiving ski that was capable of fairly high performance. I liked it better than the current model-the increased sidecut felt like it translated into a bit better stabiliy for the same length ski, although I don't know how it will be for the bulk of people who buy this ski-skidders. Having a fairly soft tip, it will probably skid OK-I doubt it will be too aggressive. The ski ran flat well, but up on edge, it wasn't as solid as many skis I have tried-again, this leads me to believe the ski is not really designed for someone who is carving and skiing aggressively. Still, if you are looking to transition from traditional technique into carving at less than race speeds, this ski will take you a long way-I was quite impressed. 90% of the people I know don't need more ski than this-the wider tip and tail should facilitate tipping and engaging the edge rather than skidding if one so chooses. Also, the ski will still be reasonably priced-$599 with Marker binding is the street price, so that is a heck of a deal. Very solid ski!
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Could you tell me the major differences between this and last years 5500. Thought i'd get a good buy on the 5500 but if this is markedly betterI'd possibly go for the extra money. Thanks
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Good review!! Where you been hiding dc?
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bandels, don't expect a reply too soon, dc hasn't been online since the software changed a few months ago.
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Threadjack (because dawgcatching doesn't accept email) - any update on my 176 cm Mantis 662's that I RA'ed back to Elan on April 28?

Thanks a lot.
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