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Late summer trip in Tahoe-North shore or south shore?

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We are just finishing up our annual family reunion in Jackson WY. Had everything from snow to warm sunny weather. Fabulous scenery. We are already planning next year and were thinking of Tahoe for Labor Day weekend. Any thoughts or suggestions welcome. Also, wondering which is better, south or north. Not too interested in Casino scene if that makes any difference. However, would like good hiking/biking lake activities, etc. Thanks for any suggestions. Steve P.S. Any thoughts about timing also welcome.

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North. It's just a totally different vibe than south, which is more touristy and casino-y IMO. Not sure what kind of biking you want to do, but the path along the Truckee river is really nice.

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South, it's a totally different vibe than North ;)... 


Seriously though, South Tahoe gets dissed alot because of the casino vibe, but that is actually Stateline, NV., not South Lake Tahoe.  South shore actually has nice sand beaches, although Sand Harbor along the east shore (neither S or N) gets the prize for the best beach setting.  Tahoe South (as my marketing friends like to call it) has easy access to some of the best wilderness, majestic mountains, alpine lakes & better mountain biking than North Tahoe hands down.  North Shore certainly is more known for its laid back local vibe, has many nice restaurants & recreational activities but so does South Shore.  Those Casinos can come in handy when you have popular acts like Dave Matthews (who I think played right around Labor Day this year) a Labor Day fireworks show & many other "touristy" attractions that may be quite appealing to a visitor/cough tourist.


North, South, East or West  I don't think you can go wrong!





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Honestly, you really CAN'T go wrong there! I MIGHT be slightly north-biased because I did get married there (Kings Beach.)  :rolleyes I just found when we lived in Sacramento we tended to gravitate more towards the north end of the lake because we just liked it better there. Maybe they can compromise and do the west side! (The drive from north to south is neat anyway, as long as it's not snowing!)

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Labor Day along the North Shore is usually quiet, unlike 4th of July


Tahoe City area is nice, from there you can hit up all the ski gear sales, especially the starthaus one


If you wanna go to the south shore for a concert or something its not too long of a drive and a scenic one too.


There is plenty of hiking/biking on the tahoe rim trail and trails coming off of it.

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Labor Day is busy when it comes to getting a hotel. Book early, you always can make changes or cancel

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Are you camping or staying in a hotel/motel/condo?  If camping for a few nights I might have ideas not mentioned.  Like everyone says above, you should have a great time N or S.  There are probably over 50 vineyards within an hours drive (Amador and El Dorado counties)  if you are so inclined.

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