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Ski gear advice

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Greetings all - I'm new to this forum.


My story is that I used to be avid skier but for various reasons, have not spent much time on the slopes for about the last decade. Last year, I was able to spend a very enjoyable week at Big Sky/Moonlight and am headed out to PCMR for a week this season as well. So now that I've returned to the outdoor activity that I love, I need new gear. I'm already in the process of getting boots and have narrowed the selection down to the Full Tilt High 5, Technica Air Shell and Rossi Experience Sensor. What I really need advice about are skis however, since the technology has changed just a bit from what it was when I last bought them and my last several excursions were on rentals.


Ideally, I like to have a true All-Mtn ski, since I will be spending some time on the snow both in NE and out west. I'm probably in the category of advanced, since I am comfortable on pretty much all terrain except for the truly steep and difficult. While I'm more aggressive than the other 50 year olds I typically ski with, I really can't keep up with truly expert skiers and I'm not going to be skiing on a run like the Big Coulouir at Big Sky. Since I want a decent all-around ski, but also want it be capable in deeper snow, I'm unsure whether I should be looking at a Mid-Fat or one of the newer more well-rounded Fat designs. Some of the Mid-Fats that seem to fill the bill are the Kastle MX88 and Dynastar Cham 87. The Fats that look like they might work for me are the Blizzard Bonafide, Rossi Experience 98 and Line Prophet 98. In addition to a specific recommendation, I'm also looking for advice on how I should weight other characteristics such as tip/tail width, rocker, camber, etc.


One last piece of advice sought is on bindings. I've really only seen a couple so far (Salomon Z10 and Axial 120) and they seem perfectly acceptable but since my last bindings were Look Nevadas, I'm in the technological Dark Ages as far as bindings.


Thanks in advance






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first, get boots with the help of a good boot fitter at a reputable shop!  its your most important piece of equipment so put in the effort to get well fitted boots!


Second, if you're mostly skiing in the east, find a ski that suits your fancy in that locale.  My recommendation, worry less about out west skiing and find your ski to rock on your home hill.


third, when going west, you can take your skis (or leave them behind and save the $100 of transport costs on the airlines)) and do some renting/demo as conditions dictate


bindings, wouldn't worry to much other than to point out the z-10 may be a little small for a full grown adult male.  I run z-12 ti's on several skis; there are better bindings i believe but the z series bindings accepts some little clips that allow me to adjust canting to my liking.  "ramp height" is an important consideration and worthy of discussing with your boot fitter and or shop personnel when getting skis and mounting them with bindings.  and, they have released when i needed them to, and stayed attached when i needed to so i have no complaints.


Finally, welcome back to skiing, and have a kick ass winter!



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Thanks for the reply Dave.


I've always had great difficulty finding boots that hit the right balance of performance, comfort and warmth. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that none of the half-dozen or so pairs I've purchased over the years have really hit any semblance of balance. I really can't blame the boot fitters that have had to work with me. My arches are nearly flat, my instep is high and my foot is wide, particularly at front. That's compounded by having relatively short ti-fib length and very thick calves. In the past, I've let comfort take a back seat to performance but these days, I want comfort and warmth to have the upper hand.


I was initially attracted to the Full Tilt High 5's, figuring that the design would be more comfortable than a conventional boot. Unfortunately, my initial encounter led me to rule them out, as the upper boot in the proper shell size was way to narrow to accommodate my calf. I also tried a pair of Rossi Experience Sensor 110 with a 104mm toe box. That boot is promising but will require some more "foot time" for me to pull the trigger.


As far as skis, I've been trolling through CL and will be headed to a local ski swap event next week. One of the folks at work has a pair of  Salomon Verse 7's for sale. They are nearly a decade old but have been very lightly used (he claims only twice - that's difficult to believe but they show very little wear in any event). I know that they were aimed at the intermediate market but with a 107-72-98 profile, they seem like they may be acceptable for the ice and hard packed snow runs that predominate here in the east. They're cheap enough that I may pick them up to use as my "rock skis" for using on those days that you really want to ski but the snow cover is more than a bit thin. Of course, that describes most days during the ski season here in eastern PA . . .

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