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New Tecnica Ten.2 HVL

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So. I was coming from older Tecnica Vento 10 HVL boots. They were blown out a bunch too. My foot is a 26/26.5 108mm, huge calfs.

Anyway, the boots were so old they were leaking snow. Last year I got some Fischer Hybrid 12 Vacuum. Got them to fit after 2 tries. I thought I was happy.

The problem: The boots were too soft. My calfs would get sore, because there wasn't enough support. The theory from my bootfitter and a few other people is that, because me feet and calf is so wide, the shell wasn't overlapping enough to provide the stiffness that it should have. I skied them about 10 times, but ultimately went back to my old boots and was able to get a refund.

Bootfitter recommended Tecnica Ten.2 HVL. I got a pair on Monday. So far, yeah just walking around the house... they feel pretty good without any mods. They seem to fit better then my old Vento, even before they were punched out. I really like the liner.

Interesting that the shell really doesn't have any adjustments like walk/ski mode. Only thing is really a canting adjustment. Not sure if this is the norm these days. The Fischer had a walk mode.

Can't wait to try them in the real snow, rather then sliding around the carpet in my house!
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Skied these boots a few times now at A-Basin.  Granted it was only for 3 hours each time but so far I really like these boots.   Definitely feel bigger inside (without mods).   Also stiffness feels really good.    Easy to get in and out of.


Waiting until some more places open to give a longer term review.


It's definitely white ribbon of death type conditions out there now with Experts, Beginnners and everyone else all on 3 trails.

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