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Any suggestions based upon this foot shape?

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Looking at new boots.. looking for rough recommendations based upon my foot shape.


100mm across at widest point, size 9 1/2 - 10 shoe (wear a 43/43.5 cycling shoe)

the circumference of my leg just above the ankle is 22mm.


The rest of me..6-2" 187lbs age 56, 30 years (or so) on snow, advance/expert technical skier (more technique than power) 


Would a wrap style liner be a consideration because of the low volume of my lower leg?





Thanks for reading

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Your foot doesn't necessarily look low volume to me, but your leg certainly does and since we only see this angle of your foot it is difficult to tell.  Either way if your foot is "C" width or less you should be looking at a 98mm or narrower shell.  With the exception of Dalbello and Full Tilt I don't think any are available with a wrap liner.  But it doesn't matter as the shell volume is the more important  aspect.



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Thanks Lou..


I've always had issues with the cuff/lower interface pressure on the top of the foot, this why I've asked.

The last number of boots that I've had have been Lange or Tecnica all fitted & worked on by the same fitter.


The comment about wrap liners was as I had heard or read somewhere that this is an effective way of working with a low volume lower leg.



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It certainly can make a difference but it would never be my first choice because we want the interface to be firm rather than padded.  I would try to find a boot with low volume cuff such as a 98mm or 95mm shell that might solve the problem without the padding.



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I agree with lou. the boot shell does all of the heavy lifting when it comes to foot containment for skiing.


find a boot shell that best matches your foot and leg shape. the liner is less critical.


intuition liners are effective in filling gaps when  the shell is not a great match to the foot. they are not effective when there is more gap to fill than the thickness of the intuition foam. 



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Thank you both.. Unfortunately both of you are some distance away :D


Should I assume that most brands would have something that would fit the bill?


The fitter that I currently use is suggesting (but we haven't tried anything yet) something from Salomon or Dalbello


Another peer recommended fitter further away (2hrs) and they carry Salomon/Dalbello/Head/Lange/Atomic (not sure which models)



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Yes and no.  Every boot manufacturer makes competitive models.  In other words each makes a 98mm last and a 100 mm last etc.  However, they are all shaped differently and some may be great for you and others may be terrible.



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