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Can a symmetrical carving snowboard be turned into a monoski?


This past weekend, I went to a local garage sale and picked up an old Burton Alp 63 carving board for $10.  I want to turn it into a monoski. The board is 165 cm long, has a single tip, and a fair amount of sidecut.  The tail is barely narrower than the tip, which may prove to be a challenge in exiting turns.  


I have an old set of bindings that I can install on it.


 Will it work, or is this a waste of time?  


Where should I mount the bindings, relative to the waist of the board?


BTW, I know how to monoski and I still have my old monoski from 20 years ago (Rossignol Fait d'Hiver), but it barely has any sidecut.  I would like something a little more "responsive".