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Blizzard Brahma

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I am waffeling between the 180 or 187 Brahama.

I'm 6 feet 200 and ski anything.

I would like some imput from those that have skiied both.  The only demo avilable when I skied it was the 180

and it ws great.  I am leaning toward the 187.


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Depends. How is your quiver set up? Do you have a big ski for dump hays or big mountain charging? If so, go with the 180' if this is going to be a one ski quiver, you could go with the 187. As fa's as comparisons between the 180 and 187' there were no 187 produced for testing last year, so unless someone got a chance to ski the 187 this summer, you might be out of luck.
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Thanks for the reply.

I have a Volkl RTM 84,  A Dynastar Slicer,  a Cham 107, a JJ and a Bubba.

Not crazy about my RTM but love the rest

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