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Which Intuition Liners Should I Get?

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I want to get some intuition liners but am finding the website to be quite intimidating.   There are a ton of choices and I dont know where to start and which ones will work the best.


My boots are Salomon X Wave 10.  About 6 years old.  26 Shell and 26.0 Liner.  The shells are in good shape and have been working well but its time for new liners.


Above is a picture of the exact model I have.  Boots are 110 flex.


I have been using Superfeet beds


The fit of the boots is good as is.   I like a relatively snug aggressive fit.  I often unclip the second buckle on the lift up since I am relatively cranked down on the runs.


What liner would you recommend?  What size do I need.  Tongue vs wrap liner?


Thanks in advance.

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without seeing your feet, nobody can say which liner will work best for you, that is 1) the problem with buying on line and 2)  the reason that boot fitters will carry 2 or 3 models of liner so that they have an option for all the feet put in front of them


i favour the wrap type liners when using thermo liners like the intuition, although some people prefer the ones with a tongue, a lot depends on what you are trying to achieve in the boot


not wanting to rain on the parade but the boot you picture is nearer 9-10 years old now, how much skiing have you had in it?  if it is more than 100 days then i would probably get yourself a new boot rather than throw money at a liner, the liner will outlast the shell if this is the case, not least the potential worn sole if you do any waking in the boot at all


boot tech has changed a bit over the last few years so you might get something even better than you imagine 


good luck getting sorted whatever way you choose to go, but my one suggestion would be get a boot fitter to guide you through the liner buying and fitting, sure you may save a few $ on buying the liner direct on line but are you going to mold it yourself or are you going to take it to a store?


 molding option 1 be prepared to screw it up at least once and not get the best fit, option 2 will probably negate the savings you make buying it on line but will ensure you get it fitted well



buying the liner from a fitter will ensure that 1, you get the right liner for the boot and 2 it is fitted properly

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