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Volkl Vertigo Motions

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from a couple of years back. Anyone skied them? Anyone has them? What do you all think of them?

Reason I ask is because I have a pair. Been skiing on them on and off for a year and some, and frankly, I am still not sure what to think about them and I don't know why I don't know. They seem really slow turning with a fairly short tail, suggesting that they might do better in powder. Yet I find the front incredibly stiff, and I have to work a bit to stay on top of them. With all its stiffness, they don't do that well in eastern ice either. Driving these babies through moguls is like maneuvering an oil supertanker. I want to like them, yet I don't know how. Guess the bottom line is that I still haven't got these skis figured out. And this bothers me! Anyone with insight?

On the other hand, my 6s I simply love. Ditto for the P40 platinums that I had a couple of years ago. Though I never owned a pair, I also liked the predecessor to the Vertigo Motions, which were the Vertigo G31's.
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What size are the skis and how big are you? You may have the ski to long for your size.

I have the G3, I love my G3's in 177cm I'm 6' 195lbs. I have not skied them in about three weeks because I have been on my AX3's in 170cm. to
I have posted a number of times how I love the G3's. They made me a better bump skier over night. The tail shape has a lot to do with that. I would take them everywhere, I ski the whole mountain them them at all kinds of speeds. I have the old Marker 8.1 Logic S/C on them and I'm about to up grade to a 1200 Piston. When the G3 and Vertigo Motion came out a few years back, the rumor on the hill was the G3 and Piston was a better ski then the Vertigo Motion.

I will be back on the G3's this weekend because I bent one of my AX3's. BTW I had/have the AX3 flat with 1300 Piston Binding.

Before the G3's I had G31's and G30's.
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Originally posted by Max Capacity:
What size are the skis and how big are you? You may have the ski to long for your size.
I have 184's in the Vertigo Motions. They can probably be a bit shorter, I'm sure. I'm 5'11" 185. Whatever the issue, they are more than a handful in the bumps, but however I am used to a quicker ski like the P40 platinums or the 5star and 6 stars.
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IMO, to long. When I bought the G3's 177cm friends asked why I bought them so long? As I said the AX3's are 170cm, these things rock. The 170cm may give up something at the High end speed, I'm mean high end, faster then most folks would dare to ski. My group tends to ski FAST, when were not in the trees or bumps.
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That's funny - You may prefer other skis more, but the skis are pretty damn good.

I'm 40 y/o, 6'1", ~170, and I have the Vertigo Motions, 184. I had the G30s, 188. I'm a level 8 skier, and ski mostly Tahoe & Whistler, so I have no idea about your local conditions. However, my buddy has MY old G30s & rips up Killington with them (he's 6'2", 190, about a level 8).

I think the Vertigo Motions are great, but I did like my G30s better (although the G30s were stiffer). BTW: I've skied X-Scream Series, Atomic 9.22s, K2 Axis/XPs, Atomic 9.18s, Volkl V3s, Dynastar Skicross 9s, Volkl P50s in sizes ranging from 170-187, as appropriate for ski type/year. I chose the Vertigo Motions over the other skis.

I just came back from 4 days in Whistler and found the Vertigo Motions did great in fresh and tracked pow (which they did in ~18" at Kirkwood on 12/26).

On the lower mountain at Whistler (i.e. Dave Murray's Downhill), where the snow was hard & crusty, they did great too. I kept having to wait for my friends; I could not hit the skis' speed limit, and found little chatter.

In the bumps, try starting to tip them about a 1/4 beat early, and that should help. I ski about 2 bump runs a day.

If I wanted MY perfect ski, I'd probably find a pair of of the stiffer G31s in 178, but the Vertigo Motions in 184 work just great for me.
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They are toooooo long. Trust me. I was (and still on occasion like to ski my long skis (Elan MBX 200's). I have always been a long ski nut, until I got my G3's (177's). I am 6'0 220lbs, and they are mounted with 1200 pistons. It took me about 5 days to figure them out, at first I hated them and insisted that I had bought too short a ski. All of a sudden I got out one morning after 6" at Whiteface and we just clicked!!! I haven't looked back since. Bumps, powder (east coast), ice, it don't matter. Try demoing a shorter pair (7 24's now) and see if they will work for you. Play with your feet because you may have to spread your stance. I did.

BTW: Max buy the 1300’s everyone says they are better than the 1200’s

: : :
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Ullr, Thanks for the tip. I have the 1300's on my AX3's. "IG" knows the story on that purchase. When I read the Marker brochure they say the only difference is the skier weight and DIN. The 1200 and 1300 have the same insides (com shock).

Besides a buddy has the 1200 and has never skied on them. But that's a different story.

I was back on the G3's this weekend 177cm. I will say they are smoother at the top speed and just a touch slower in short radius turns. I don't think there is much of a difference between the two in the bumps. But I'm not that great in the bumps, to be able to tell. They are both better then other skis in the bumps. I'll be back on AX3's the end of next week.

josseph, how is the tune on your skis??
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I am by no means an expert when it comes to gear, but I thought that the toe of the 1300 was a little different than the 1200 (other then the 12 DIN vs 13 DIN thing), but I could be wrong. I will check and get back to you. If in fact the only difference is 1 DIN setting I agree go with the 1200. Unless you want to crank it up to 13?!?!?!?, but I would guess that you probably don't.
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Tuning? Good point. I skied Squaw on Saturday, and noted that my skis were not tuned as well as they had been before I skied 4 days in Whistler the prior week. Tuning affected edge hold.

Although the conditions at Squaw were very good, I I had to be more attentive at the top of my turns and made sure I got the ski tipped onto its edge.

Anyway, try concentrating on tipping at the top of a "C" shaped turn, as opposed to the bottom of a "J" shaped turn, and you'll find better success on your 184s.
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josseph, have you thought of moving the binding mount position? My wife has a pair of the VM's and found that they skied very long. After reading about mounting positions on Peter Keelty's site and comparing the Volkl VM mounting position with a number of competitor's skis, we moved the bindings ahead to correspond to Ball of Foot at Center of the Running surface. She now likes the skis much better.
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