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Bonafide Length

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Thinking about picking up a pair of either the Bonafides or Mantra's. For Mantras the size is pretty easy, I'd go with the 170's, but for the Bonafide I feel like I'm right in between. I'm 5'5", 110lbs, aggressive skier, in BC Canada (Fernie, Revy, ect). I'm stuck between the 166 and 173. This would be my soft snow ski as I have a narrower ski for hardpack/no snow in a while. I ski a lot of bumps and trees which makes me think 166, but also like to send some medium sized drops when the conditions get soft and for this I think I'd appreciate the extra length of the 173.



Any advice would be appreciated. 

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Last year, I had to try the Bonafides in 166 cz that was what they had at Big Sky that day. I'm bigger than you by a bunch -- 5'8", 170lbs, and pretty aggressive level 8 skier. While I did feel the ski was too short for me, it was not at all dramatic and was not an issue at all in softer, deeper snow.  I'd extrapolate downward and say 166 sounds just right for you.

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Thanks tch. I am thinking that the 166 does sound right for me. However the last thing I want is to buy say the 166 then a season later wish I went with the 173.


Also... since I'm considering the Mantra in 170 the Bonafide in 173 with more rocker seems to be the more realistic choice the more I think about it. But still not sure lol.

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When in doubt, I always look at the available lengths in a given model, shortest to longest. Let's say there are four lengths. Now divide skiers by height and weight into the same number of groups, smallest to biggest. Which group of skiers do I fall into? If I'm on the cusp, ability, aggressiveness, local conditions, preference, etc. might sway me one way or another, as you imply. However, at your size I'm guessing you're not on the cusp. wink.gif
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At 110 lb, My concern for you is having the weight to flex the 173 (let alone the 170 Mantra which is very stiff).. I would suggest the 166 Bonafide, for your weight, it will give you enough float yet it won't be too nervous.
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Thanks Phil and qcanoe. I've had a chance to demo the 177 Mantras and I liked them a lot, a little too long in that length but manageable enough to get an idea how they ski, I like the stiffness of them and was thinking in the 170 they'd be much more useable for me. I also owned the 166 Bushwackers, I liked the ski, at the time (2 seasons ago) the length felt good, but I'm worried that it might be to short (166) for seasons to come. I'm likely to gain some weight, not a lot though lol.

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