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WTB Volkl Mantra 2013

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Just putting feelers out to see if anyone have some Volkl Mantra for sale? Let me know your asking price for a new/used pair. Thanks!


I'm located in Helena, MT so if you're within a reasonable driving time (under 4 hours), I'm willing to meet you.

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Oh, the sizes I'm looking for is either a 177 or 184. I'm willing to go to a 170 if the price is right!

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I have a pair of 2013 Volkl Mantra 184s/head mojo 18 bindings mounted to them. I used them one time for less than 2 hours at Afton Alps, MN. They are in absolutely mint condition. ..basically brand new still. Not to get flamed here, but I started boarding last year and haven't looked back.

I also have a pair of Head "The Show" boots 28.5s that were only used once and And a pair of K2 Lockjaw Telescoping Poles (snow depth/inclinometer) used only once as well.

I can text pictures or post when I get home. I know I'm a newbie on here. I have the same avatar BP Legend on www.softballfans.fom where I have lots/all positive feedback from buying and selling softball gear (that should help a little/or a lot if you're on
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These are probably too long for your preference, but I've got a pair of 2014 Mantra's in a 186 mounted with Marker Jesters will just five days on them. I love these skis, but have decided to sell them and replace them with a narrow pair of front side boards and a wider paid of powder boards. Happy to send photos and talk price if you're interested - Jordan

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