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new Dalbello Pantrra 120

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  First time poster so Bear with me.I am in the market for new boots and have a few questions.

First I will give a little back round I am 58 years young, 5'8" @180# .  Midwest skier starting 1963 and skiing was a passion though the about 1980.  From high school on  made annual trips out west .Left off skiing for about 30 years mainly as Midwest hills do not offer a lot of challenge . I consider myself as an advanced or better aging skier?

  Four years ago some younger friends invited me out. Went out to the shed to drag out the old gear. The Red Stars had a blown binding and the Nordica yellow banana boots had a cracked shell. In the dumpster they went.Borrowed gear from my brother who League raced and had a good time. This got skiing back in my blood. I decided to buy a pass for the following year as local hill is 2 miles away.

Bought some used tele gear ( Scarpa T1, volkl t-roll,new axial 22 design bindings.) Had skied tele in the 70s with leather and skinny mountain skis so wanted to see what new gear was like. Love carving them with fresh snow.

  Last year  friends planed trip to UP Michigan's best area MT Bohemia. Thought I better bring alpine gear .bought used boots cheap on creigs list Soloman preforma 6 and borrowed 188 soloman Equipe 10 skies. Had fun but they were a workout in the bumps and trees.

Back home near end of season met the local Volkl Rep skiing the bridge .I asked about demoing them and he let me use them for the rest of the season (.Loved these skis slightly rockered  easy to turn ).We had fresh snow 3 weekends in April  unheard of for Wis .One weekend was in northern MN and I began to think I need (or want) better boots as the preforma 6 size 26.5 fits but I see they could fit a liitle better .I also realize this is soft flex High volume boot.

  My feet measures 255mm long  .102mm wide barefoot with weight on it. Unweighted they measure about96mm. I always wear a 8 D in a street shoe and do not have any unusual foot feature that have bothered me

 I have been reading posts and reviews for months and know the boot 101.and Know it is best to try to go to a shop for a fit. Problem in my area there is not much for shops and the one I went to had little selection under 26.5mondo. I did try a pair of Dalbello fusion in 26.5 and I liked the 120 flex and the 3 piece design. It fit put I think a shorter size may be better .also the sales person Did not seam all that knowledgeable and I only had them on a few minutes. I do like the Panterra 120 and have an online order in for a pair of size 26  with the ID liners .but they do not have then in yet.

I have read& been told conflicting statements about shell sizes on these models .So does anyone Know if a 26and 26.5 have different shells .this is what I have read ., others say they would use the same shell as most brands do with different liner s for the 1/2 sizes.

.Also with my foot size might a25.5 with the ID liner be better ? I know my foot is not on line but any thoughts on this boot and my size would be welcomed.



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26 and 26.5 are the same shell in nearly all boots, but it doesn't matter since you are a 25. You can probably wear a 98mm shell comfortably with a little work.



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It would seem to help for you to read this article:  http://epicski.onthesnow.com/a/boot-fitting-which-boot-will-work-for-me


Pay close attention to the part about "Shell Fit" and purchase a boot that falls within those parameters.


I would question how well the 26.5 would have fit---it could only be sloppy and there for your skiing would suffer.


Disregard the size marked on the shell and go with the shell fit thing---yes you can be comfortable in a boot marked smaller than you measured


foot size.


Getting the boot dialed in requires a good boot fitter not a boot seller-------Very little ( none) bootfitting is available on line, so why purchase




If you have always skied in boots that were 26.5s, I doubt you have ever experienced real control, just consumed large quantities of athletic


ability and muscle power.



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