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small town's resorts are taking control of their hills

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places like Mt Abram/Bethel are taking control of their hills.


We live in exciting times.


Here's a bit from unofficialalpine.com about a Squaw local and a group Mountain Riders Alliance



"Several years back, right after I started UnofficialAlpine.com, I started getting emails from Jamie Schectman. Schectman, one of the founders of the Mountain Rider’s Alliance, was looking for ways to promote “sustainable mountain playgrounds.” Ultimately, MRA was looking for a way to develop community owned ski hills that would make it possible that skiing and riding remained something that everyone could do, not just the ultra-rich. If I remember correctly, there were some big dreams about investing in one of the smaller local resorts. Sadly, Jamie found out that UnofficialAlpine.com has no wealthy benefactor, unlike some other local blogs.

Jamie Shectman, CEO of MRA

Jamie Shectman, CEO of MRA

Schectman moved to Squaw Valley in 1987, developing a passion for long seasons and great mountains. That passion also carried him to Alaska and the Andes for several years. Clearly, he is the real deal when it comes to true mountain passion. Sadly, nobody ever seemed to take the guy seriously. That is until this year, when it became clear that something big was happening at the Mountain Rider’s Alliance.

Yesterday, the Mountain Rider’s Alliance announced that they have been hired to fully manage Mt Abram, located about 90 miles from Portland, Maine. The partnership began in the 2011-12 season and has slowly evolved into something bigger and better. This year, Dave Scanlan, co-founder of MRA, will serve as General Manager of the mountain, while Mr. Shectman will be serving as the Director of Marketing and Community Development. Other MRA staff will fill additional management duties at the mountain.

The mountain already received awards last year for implementing some forward thinking green initiatives. In the coming year, MRA with be moving forward with a plan to convert the mountain into a community owned “Mountain Playground.” MRA means “mountain playground” in its truest sense. There are no plans for excessive condo development, ski up Starbucks, indoor waterparks or distant remote parking lots for day skiers at Mt. Abram.

We offer our congrats to the Mountain Rider’s Alliance and we respect their diligence in disrupting the corporate ski industry. We need more of that around the Tahoe area. Schectman pointed out in a recent email that there are a handful of independently owned areas around Tahoe that could become community based hills. Sugar Bowl and Mount Rose have such strong real estate development potential, it may not be long before they are assimilated into corporate ownership. Diamond Peak, Dodge Ridge, Bear Valley, Iron Mountain and Johnsville have all been mentioned as areas that have community development potential. Who knows…if the development plans fall through for KSL at Squaw Valley, they may elect to sell off Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley. A guy can dream, can’t he? We hope someone like the Mountain Rider’s Alliance will be there to pick up the piece

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What's New About Mt Abram?


A Family Skiing in Maine, October 31, 2013 

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Here's a new article on Mt Abram and the prototype Mountain Playground that MRA is working on.


Mt. Abram: Bethel’s Secret “Mountain Playground”

Maine Dispatch, January 2 

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