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Rottefella NNN-BC

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I picked up new  Rossi BC110 skis and BC-X10 boots.  Is the Magnum worth the premium?   I can get the automatics or manuals for half.

Need new poles too.  Pick up some adjustables or fixed length?

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What are you using them for?  I'm a fan of manuals; I happen to have the magnums, but I'm not sure they're so different/significant.  I DON'T like the automatics; I feel there's more chance for slop there b/c they rely on spring tension.  So go manual either way.

You didn't ask, but personally, I would have put a 75mm 3-pin on that ski; it's pretty beefy for NNN-BC.


As for poles... if you are going up/down a lot (which again will be limited by your boot/binding choice) maybe adjustables are worth it.  If you're just touring, buy fixed.

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 Yeah I thought about that. I already had the boots and the skis came up on BC outlet yesterday and I couldn't let them pass.  I'm mostly touring the woods in the midwest now and I'm always breaking trail.  I will be moving back to the mountains full time before too long.  I already have heavy duty AT gear and I wanted something relatively light for longer hut trips, that won't necessarily see a whole lot of downhill action. 

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I think there /is/ an advantage to NNN-BC Magnum, but that it is less than the nominal difference in platform widths. 

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You didn't ask, but personally, I would have put a 75mm 3-pin on that ski; it's pretty beefy for NNN-BC.



^This.   I think you're way underbooting that ski for any sort of downhill edging steeper than a railroad grade.    

With a boot that low and that flexible, edging a wide ski feels like you have to push down on the big toe side, and separately focus on lifting the little toe side.    If you're thinking that implies a lot of ankle work, and consequent ankle fatigue, then Yes.     But more to the original point of your question, the big toe side would be advantaged by Magnum.   The little toe side would see no difference at all. 

EDIT:  yes, that means Magnum makes herringboning easier.

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I had my first day out on the new setup yesterday.   12' new, around 15f and maybe 10-15mph wind.  I set a 10-12k track and the setup worked great for my purposes.   It's pretty dam flat here, so downhill performance probably won't matter.



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