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I need some help!!!

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Ski Make: Rossignol
Ski Model:B2
Ski Length:182
Snow Conditions Used In:2 inches powder
Number of Days Used:1
Your Ability:7
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing:15
Avg. Days per Year Skiing:25
Other Skis You Like:Hot, Xtra Hot, B1
Your Height/Weight:6'1"/190
Comments: I really enjoyed riding this ski. I am in the market for a ski of this type. I want something capable of making short turns, good in bumps, and pretty good in powder. I do not like the R:ex at all. The B2 handled great in everything I was on. I am just wondering how it compares to the Xtra Hot and the B1 and Hot. I know the diminsions are different, but the turn radius is the same on the Hot and Xtra Hot. The B2 was a very fun ski. Thanks for any replies.
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Where do you ski?
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First off where do you ski? your profile is pretty stark.

From what I have read here in the forum the B2 doesn't like frim snow.

As for the Extra Hot's read my post in the forum dated Jan 20 2004, Salomon Oasis Project 5 skis 1 day, I tried to link it here but I'm not good with that kind of stuff.

I would suggest you try the Volkl 724 Pro in 170cm if you want a all mountain ski, and your looking for a wider ski.
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Originally posted by Max Capacity:

As for the Extra Hot's read my post in the forum dated Jan 20 2004, Salomon Oasis Project 5 skis 1 day, I tried to link it here but I'm not good with that kind of stuff.

Here's the post MC's talking about, check it out.

Ps. Max Capacity...I figured I'd lend you a hand.
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Thanks for the help guys. I mainly ski in the east, with a couple of trips out west a year. I have heard good things about the Volkl's, but have never tried any of them. Thanks again for the advice.
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You "Ride" a board! You "Ski" on skis!
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Personally, I wouldn't buy the B2 if I did most of my skiing in the East (which I do) - unless it was a second pair of skis, and even then... I'd look for something that had better grip on ice -
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I agree that the B2 is a great western ski, that would likely need to be supplemented in the east with something that does a better job on hard pack. My suggestion is that if you like the feel of the Rossi's that you focus your energies on other skis that work similarly. Respectfully, in my personal experience someone who likes Rossis is not likely to also like Volkls and visa versa.

My impression is that the Elan Mantis and the Elan S 12 might make you happy. Concerning the B1, they are wonderful skis. Quicker turns than the B2 and a pleasure in normal good conditions. But despite the fact that I skied the Rossi B1s better than anything else I have used since, I don't think they are ideal for you or me. They don't like hardpack,icy conditions in the East and aren't crazy about the powder in the West. So not only aren't they a one quiver ski. They aren't even part of a 2 quiver ski package, unless you don't mind skiding a bit on icy days.

In addition to demoing the B1 and the B2 twice, I also skied the Salomon Hots. I liked the B2 better, but the Hots might have had other virtues.

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THANKS, Coach13, sometimes I need help... [img]smile.gif[/img]
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