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Took a quick trip to Sugar Mtn. today.  I was a little worried because of the rain yesterday.  At least it ended in a little snow for them at the end of the day/evening yesterday.  Conditions were not too bad at all.  It also warmed up quite a bit during the day, softening things up a bit.  Had a good time demo'ing K2 Amp Rictor 82 XTi.  I generally don't prefer the feel of K2's, and was not a big fan of the feel of the 90 XTi, but I actually liked the 82 XTi!  Was lighter, quicker and more fun ... might be a consideration!

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Weather is not looking good for the next week. Is this the end for NC?
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I think they can hang on through the 15th.  It will be pretty thin by then at this rate though..

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Weather forecast is freezing rain and sleet Friday morning to mid afternoon ending Friday evening.  I expect last minute road conditions will ultimately decide the destination Saturday.  I'd like to go to Beech because they have started weekday rates everyday and have more lesson times available for the girl.  But, if there is still ice, not snow but actual ice I will stick to the main town roads and ski Appalachian instead.  

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OK with the roads clearing up I'm now leaning towards Sugar since I'll have a NOOB and they have a magic carpet.  Does anyone know of Beech added one recently or do they still have the J-Bar as indicated on their trail map?


I just also like Sugar's layout for first timers, Magic Carpet to Easy Street then maybe Lower Flying Mile if she does really well.  Next week will be Appalachian so the older kid can ski Big Appal while Lil sis skis Candy Apple.  I think she'll be fine on a J-Bar/handle pull after she's had a couple hours of actual skiing.  I'd just rather start her on a carpet day one since she hasn't tried in years..


If anyone else is going to be any of the three places I can change the plan and meet you.  It's all skiing and all doable for us regardless.

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We are heading to App next weekend. Plan to run over to Sugar for a half day sometime. Where is the Magic Carpet at Sugar? Is it right beside the lodge? If I remember, it's a very small run compared to App's.
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I think Sugar's is over near the ski school almost in the parking lot.  But, Easy Street is so flat, especially on a warn slushy day anyone can waddle down it. 


We'll probably be at Appalachian on the morning of the 15th.  My son's about ripe to rock Big Appal, just now exploring a few easy black trails.  And I feel comfortable letting him go solo there due to the proximity, smaller area (will be his first time solo if so) while I ski lower with his sis teaching her more.


Appalachian has TWO carpets, but one is pretty exclusively used by the ski school.


I can do either place tomorrow if anyone wants to connect and watch a little girl learn to ski :-)  But, next weekend I'd really like to let the older, more experienced brother go on Big Appal.  That trail is right in his wheelhouse for sure.. But, so is Big Birch and Lower FM at Sugar, LOL we could all ski that general area too.  I guess I lean Appalachian when it is a toss up because I am their Ambassador.  Kids aren't quite ready for the top of Beech, well one is, but not both..

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Well, we dottled an extra hour in the morning heading out because reports were more ice on the roads overnight.  It was a REALLY good call because I-40 was just starting to thaw back out as we headed from Durham to Winsten-Salem.  The interstate was GLAZED but thawing.  It was wreck after wreck after wreck, even I-40 shut down at one point right past Greensboro so a tow truck could get the job done.  I never slipped or skidded a single time, but could see pick up tails wiggling all over the place..


Got to Sugar at 10:05 and the main lot was already full so I did a quick u-ie out of the lot and headed for Beech.  Got a spot in the upper lot there BARELY and headed to the ticket window.  Beech had the best ticket prices anyway.  Skied for a couple hours including a couple breaks.  Taught my girl some, but we/she has work do do.  Rode the j-bar for awhile then headed up Freestyle for one green run.  She crashed near the bottom kind of hard, face plant. She shook it off pretty quick,  We had lunch then back to the j-bar where she did pretty well.


Still thinking if taking both kids to Appalachian next week.


One of my favorite sites!


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Still looking at Appalachian Saturday the 15th.  Let me know if anyone else plans to be there.  Snow is melting fast.  Planned closing date is the 23rd.  Not sure how much snow will be left by then.

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We are planning to come up this weekend. We'll probably ski App the whole time. My wife and 6 year old will probably make a bunch of runs down Appaltizer and Strudel. This will be his second time on skis. Oldest should be all over the hill after he gets his legs back under him. I'd like to take him over to sugar or beech for a bit but doubt we'll make it. Either way, it'll be a good time.
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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post

Appalachian has TWO carpets, but one is pretty exclusively used by the ski school.

App has two carpets now? Where's the other one?
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Originally Posted by tnmg View Post

App has two carpets now? Where's the other one?

F on the trial map.



Should be easy for you to spot us.  EpicSki stickers on helmets and red ribbons (from a previous gathering) tied to our poles.


I'll PM you my cell phone number Friday night if we are 100% go for Saturday morning.  Last time we skied App we skied with another SC resident/Cannuck, Old Boot :cool

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Well, after a few too warm days, it's in the 20's at Massanutten tonight.  The surprise is that the snow guns are on!  Mnut is planning to stay open daily until March 23.  Night skiing on Fridays and Saturdays only.  The big terrain park with the J-bar is closed, but they put features on Pacesetter, off Lift 5 mid station.  Any military families can ski for free on March 16.

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Argh!! Forecast now says :nono: rain Saturday:hissyfit:  I'm going to wait to see the timing of the rain before deciding whether or not to bail on driving up Saturday.  If it is expected to hit before noon we're probably going to bow out.  I don't mind skiing in rain once in awhile, but the younger girl is just now making another try at skiing after giving up four years ago.  I really want to avoid going if it isn't going to be pretty good noob learning conditions.

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FWIW, Banner Elk forecast on WeatherBug is showing rain holding off until Sunday. Hope you guys are still able to go.
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Ya, everything I see shows nothing early Saturday.  We'll have to leave at 1 anyway because we have an boy scout event back in Durham at 5PM I'd like to show up for.  So, as long as the morning looks good we're going for it.  Spring skiing is best in the mornings anyway.

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Hourly forecast Saturday for Blowing Rock has showers 40% starting at noon with zero before noon.  Let's hope that doesn't change for higher and sooner hahaha..


Saturday March 15
Time Forecast Temp Feels Like Wind Humidity Precip Chance UV Index
12 AM Mostly Cloudy

Mostly Cloudy

42° 36° 9 mph W 54% 0% 0
1 AM Mostly Cloudy

Mostly Cloudy

41° 35° 9 mph W 54% 0% 0
2 AM Mostly Cloudy

Mostly Cloudy

41° 35° 9 mph W 55% 0% 0
3 AM Mostly Cloudy

Mostly Cloudy

41° 41° 5 mph W 56% 0% 0
4 AM Mostly Cloudy

Mostly Cloudy

41° 41° 5 mph W 57% 0% 0
5 AM Mostly Cloudy

Mostly Cloudy

40° 40° 5 mph W 59% 0% 0
6 AM Mostly Cloudy

Mostly Cloudy

38° 38° 0 mph 62% 0% 0
7 AM Mostly Cloudy

Mostly Cloudy

37° 37° 0 mph 65% 0% 0
8 AM Mostly Cloudy

Mostly Cloudy

37° 37° 0 mph 66% 0% 0
9 AM Mostly Cloudy

Mostly Cloudy

39° 39° 3 mph W 65% 0% 1
10 AM Mostly Cloudy

Mostly Cloudy

42° 42° 3 mph W 62% 0% 2
11 AM Mostly Cloudy

Mostly Cloudy

45° 45° 3 mph W 59% 0% 3
12 PM Showers


47° 47° 7 mph WSW 57% 40% 4
1 PM Showers


49° 49° 7 mph WSW 56% 40% 5
2 PM Showers


50° 50° 7 mph WSW 56% 40% 5
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Well crap. It never is, but maybe this time the Weather Channel gets it right.

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Chance of showers has dropped from 40% to 20%, but still don't show up til noon if at all.  We'll be there from whenever we get there (try to leave at 6:30am?) until about 1PM.

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Chance of Showers, heh, related to Chance of Snow?

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We got there at 9:30.  There were only a hand full of cars outside of the employee lot.  I got them started on Appaltizer while I went to the ski school desk to book a lesson.  To my disdain they said they didn't have any privates available until 3:30.  LOL, nobody but us and employees there and no privates available?  Oh well.  I signed the noob up for an 11:15 group so we skied the deck until 10:45, grabbed a snack, then got the girl in her lesson.  Son and I worked the mountain from Orchard back across every run to Strudel and met up with the girl and her instructor as they finished up over there.  We did end up getting a semi private because there were only two others in her group and she got most of the attention because she was trying harder than the other two. A nice girl named Leena did a great job working with her. Quick water break at 12:15, skied Strudel a couple more times, hit the ski shop to get her a new helmet cause her other one was getting tight. GREAT SALE happening in the ski shop too.  Hit the road at 1:30 and made it back to Durham in time for a boy scout event at 4:30.


I'm tired hahahaha!






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Heading up to Snowshoe tomorrow.  Plan to ski Wednesday, Thursday and part of Friday.  If anyone will be there, let me know.

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We made it up to App on Saturday to. We got a late start and didnt get to catch up with crgildart and his gang. I do think I saw two folks with the red "e" on their helmets a chair ahead of us on Strudel. But they were headed down as we got off the lift. We had a blast. Slopes were in good shape for the weather. The family had a blast and my youngest boy was bummed we didnt get to ski Sundah because of the rain.

Any word on closing dates? App still closing on the 23rd? If so, a trip to Cat or Sugar may be in our future.
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Well, spring snow has officially taken over at Snowshoe.  They had a nice 10" storm on Monday(which I missed!), but some showers and warmer temps have made the conditions quite a bit different.  What I found today was very grabby spring snow, and a ton of fog!  Definitely needed to be careful out there today ... saw a good number of face plants and yard sales!


I did enjoy the softer bumps on Knot Bumper and Lower Ballhooter.  Things were starting to get pretty thin on Shay's Revenge and the snow in the bumps was more grabby than elsewhere, so that was a challenge.  We shall see what tomorrow brings!

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Day 2 at Snowshoe was quite a bit different.  Everything froze over due to the colder temps last night.  Early am was serious frozen hardpack.  By about 11am, things were softening and conditions were getting pretty good.  By afternoon, things softened up quite a bit, and the bumps were a ton of fun!  Glad I brought 2 different skis ... needed them for the changing conditions today!

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Snowshoe is a possible EpicSki/DC Ski Mid Atlantic 2015 gathering location.

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Ski Area Management (SAM) has voting going on for snowmakers.   The HKD I AM a Snowmaker award recognized six outstanding snowmakers (1 per month Oct-Mar) from across the U.S. These snowmakers were asked to share their story--their hardships, their successes, and what it means to be a snowmaker.




One is the snowmaker from Massanutten.  Another is at Roundtop.  Guess who I voted for? :)


HKD I AM a Snowmaker


* Jason Seal Resort: Massanutten, VA Years making snow: 11


Tim Whorl Resort: Roundtop, PA Years making snow: 27


Ken Mack Resort: Loon Mountain, N.H. Years making snow: 14


Ray Weller Resort: Breckenridge, CO Years making snow: 21


Corey Peterson Resort: Steamboat, CO Years making snow: 9


Senath (Sam, woman) Morrill Resort: Sugarloaf, ME Years making snow: 6



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There are some rumors that Wintergreen will stay open til April 3rd.  A short EpicSki Bears session mid day next weekend might happen.  Sunday is better for me but others might go Saturday the 29th.  I'm probably done for the year but just saying that the season is still going for those that aren't!


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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post

Snowshoe is a possible EpicSki/DC Ski Mid Atlantic 2015 gathering location.

Here are a few pics from my visit this week.


Views from top of Western Territory trails:




A couple of shots of Knot Bumper trail:


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Long time lurker here,

Anyone want to hit Timberline on wednesday? They should be getting 4-6 tuesday and tuesday night with another 2-4 on wednesday (on mtn.) Already have a solid base and woods are deep but real packed from freeze thaw. New snow should make it ski pretty awesome. Most likely the best day left in the season south of VT.

Im doing a daytrip from Norfolk VA. I will gladly carpool if you are along 64/81 to harrisonburg if you are worried about the roads. Just pay snacks .

Oh, and 18 dollar tickets if you can scrounge a college id...
Come fresh track the woods one more time this season!
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