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I've searched (here and elsewhere), but I need a little advice. I don't find the local support for my answer very useful... I don't have what I'd consider a full-service bootfitter here in the land of saurkraut that I can ask. I'll be getting the Intuitions in 'Murica, and bringing them back here to get molded.


I've got a 26.5 shell (Triax Tecnica Cochise 110/Bushwacker), getting toes and 5th met. head punched, looking to add a Powerwrap mainly for weight reduction and a little added stiffness, and other custom-molded goodness. I'm not really trying to solve other bootfitting problems with the liner. Pre-punching, I've got a little more than a sharpie-width shell fit behind the heel. But toes def. need a punch.


Intuition, if I'm reading it correctly (I emailed them, but haven't gotten a response), recommends sizing up if you're in a half-size shell/bootboard, and I've heard from folks that if you're getting the toes punched this applies doubly so-- since you want a slightly longer liner given the slightly expanded internal space post-punch. I do have chickeny legs, but even in the current liner (2nd/top buckle moved in a rung), I'm getting a very solid hold-- heels locked down and back, calf firmly held by liner firmly held by shell. I've got a footbed in (and will use the same in the Intuition), though the one place I have a little more space than usual is above the forefoot/met-head area. 


So does a size-27 Intuition Powerwrap sound about right for the 26.5 shell w/ toe and met-head punch to the boot geniuses amongst us?  


(Secondary question: Great Munich, Germany boot fitter that anyone can recommend based on first-hand experience?)