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Thanks for the tip.  Do you think there is any chance they'd have the same tickets at the Coeur D'Alene Costco?  (which is on our way and might have discount tickets for Schweitzer too)

I don't know.
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Where did you see the $30 ticket?   Also, anyone have any luck finding a discount one day fernie ticket?

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Paging @DanoT to the white courtesy phone.. That $30 question is yours.
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There is a $30 ticket ($25 if purchased on line) for Sunday afternoons at Schweitzer, at least there was last year. I don't know of any deals for Fernie or Whitefish.

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Thanks again for all the tips.  We had a great trip:


For future reference, the roads were a non-issue despite 20" of snowfall over 4 days. 

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