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Thinking about used SL skis just to try

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Hi all,

I've been mostly on Volkl AC40s for the last 5-6 years and an all around midwest ski and am picking up a pair of 181 Blizzard 8.5 Tis next week.

I was thinking of looking for some used SL skis just for something different and maybe work on some technique to start a little club racing later in the year or next year. I'm an advanced skier, 6'3 and 185lbs.

Any suggestions on ski and length? Feel free to pass on any knowlege of someone selling too.

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You should probably pick up a pair in the men's length.

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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post

You should probably pick up a pair in the men's length.


This!  You should look for a 165 slalom. Don't waste your time with a 155.  I have some available from time to time, keep an eye on gear swap. 

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Where I live skis like this are available used all the time, usually from racers who change gear every season. I can usually select from a pair or two at any shop and pay about a third or less what I'd pay new. Even got a pair from a Europa Cup skier one time. I've been happiest on 165 (I'm smaller than you) but have gone as low as 155 when the price is right. For my money, nothing beats SL races skis for hard-snow bumps. 

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165 cm for sure.  What brand is a more difficult question.  

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Several years ago I was in exactly the same spot as you. Picked up a pair of pretty used Elan SL skis from an ex-racer for a song. I was hooked first run. Wow, what a difference. I now own several pair of skinny near race skis and have skied many others. Let's say you need to be careful buying. Even the full on race models vary from "this is a race ski?" to "oh my God can I make this turn?". 

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165 for sure. I might be able to help you out. Pm me for details.
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Where in the midwest?    I'm in the Chicago suburbs and have some older race stock 165 K2 SL's, that I'd let go cheap locally. 

They're in great shape.  I just don't ski here much.

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Perfect idea Reconguy! I ski in Michigan [Mt Holly weekdays,Nubs Nob weekends] and have been on SLs for a few seasons.On a smallish hills SLs are THE way to go for max fun and exercise. I demoed a PR. on a whim a few years back and bought them on the spot.If you like to carve and make the most of a short run they are hard to beat. I am also a large skier @ 6'4" and 260.The SLs make wicked fun turns and will improve your sking in a big way.I have enjoyed mine in a lot of different conditions from hard pack to spring, and the trenches you can lay are a riot! I do have a spare set of very nice HEAD SLs at a very attractive price that you might be interested in.Please P.M. me for details. John

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I did the same last year....The SL allowed me to worked on skill, which directly related to improvement on my GS skis.  The GS are still my fav's but you can't beat the SL for turn count (and fun at slower speeds).

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I'm just north of Milwaukee. Let me know...thanks.
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Thanks for the feedback everyone. This is something I'm excited to try. Our two youngest, 8 and 9, are starting a racing program this year so I want to make sure I can keep up and show em' I've got some chops too.
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Brands for SL skis.  I haven't tried them all, but I am fairly confident that a modern Rossi (i.e. not a Rossi from 6 years ago), Fischer or Atomic would do quite well.

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Great idea to start racing. Best thing I did for my skiing when I started 7 years ago at the ripe old age of 52 after 35 years of free skiing. Slalom race skis are the way to go, as mentioned in a 165. As you get started in racing you can use your SL in your GS races as well. Our hills are not that big and you will be surprised how well they work in a turny GS course. Many racers in my league use their SL ski for GS and even the one Super G we have. If you start getting serious at racing (like i did) a season or two down the road you can pick up a lightly used GS ski.

On my race weekends I don't even bring my all mountain skis. I just free ski my race skis and practice carving and race turns. As mentioned, Sl race skis work great on frim bumps. Even my GS skis don't do too bad but the Sl's are a blast in bumps where you can actually carve turns in and around them.

Probably the best thing about racing is that it gives you a good reason to justify owning more skis! LOL

BTW I am using Blizzard Mag Race SL IQ. The Volkl Racetigers are also very popular in our league.

Good luck and have fun.

Rick G
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I have a pair I'm looking to get rid of.  PM me if you're interested.

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