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I’m an intermediate east coast skier (5’9”, 160lbs).

Last year I was on 177 Elan Apex (888 Alu) which I really liked – sometimes I felt I would need something slightly shorter for moguls and glades (I’m not good there).

This year I bought used (demo) pair of Kastle MX88 168 for groomers and also want something softer and wider to take to places like Mad River Glen or Jay Peak.

I decided to get Salomon Shogun 173cm but also considering Kastle BMX98 168cm which I can get for $240 more.

What do you think?

I think I like what I read on paper about Shoguns (never tried them).

One thing: I hate skis with soft tails – did not like Elan 999 Alu because of that.

Thank You.