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Two Ski quiver for east hardpack, Ice / snow and and western trips

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Hi all,


Great reviews and discussions on the site I am looking at getting two skies this season as I have not renewed my equipment in some time. I ski primarily in the east in NY  and Vermont but have lived in UT for 10 years and make yearly trips out there.


Here are my stats: I am 58, in shape, 6' 2" and 185lbs.  I am an advanced skier who can go any where but see myself primarily on steep groomers in the East, some bumps, seek out snow when it's there. In the West I  ski all over the mountain. Steep, bumps, powder, groomers and chutes.  I am thinking that the following would be a good quiver for conditions for the East and and all mountain skiing in the west (ex extreme powder days).


Kastle MX 83 size - 183 or would look at the 173 if that is a better fit


Blizzard Bonafides size - 187 or would look at the 1180 if that is a better fit


Any thoughts or recommendations or alternatives



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You could ski the 180 Bonefide and be happy. How about a 184 Kastle FX 104?
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^^^ Along these lines, you might be happier with a little more spread between your two skis than 15 mm. Lot of redundancy there. The idea is to have both skis available for duty back where you ski most of the time, not just one for east and one for west. So I'd think more about something like a Stockli AR, or MX78, or Head Rally for firm days back east if you are sold on the Bones for softer snow, or alternatively, if you want the 83's for sure, then yeah something like a FX104 or IMO, better would be a Cochise or BMX108 for trips west and the soft days back east. 

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You ski mostly in the east, so weight things that way. That means beyond's first-suggested narrower pair.
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Why is the FX104 being brought into the discussion for the western end of a 2 ski quiver, it is a great big mountain mixed and hard snow charger but not the best complement as a soft snow ski. The MX83 is a good choice for a hard snow ski and for your size I would say the 183. If you wanted to go shorter in a ski, understandable, and didn't want to go all the way down to a 173, The fore mentioned  Rally a winner in my Philpug's 2014 Steals & Deals Winners article. The Rally in a 177 would be a stellar choice and at $899 with a binding, it is already $300 less than the Kastle WITHOUT one.  As far as the big ski that will be good in the west and still fun when you head up to Vermont...and as much as I like the Bonafide, it is not a bad choice, but I would suggest crossing over that 100mm threshold and go with the following options...


 2014 Rossignol Soul 7 Ski  in a 188-very playful and enough shape that it could be the only ski in your bag when you head west


 2014 Nordica Vagabond Ski  185- Smooth and unlike the turny Soul7, it has more of a big mountain feel to it yet is light and nimble enough not to over power you towards the end of the day when you are getting tired. 

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Like those suggestions from Phil. About the FX 104, I figured if he really liked the MX 83' which itself is a pretty powerful ski, then the 104 would be a nice complement.. Maybe they ski significantly different at 185 + 20lbs. I thought of them as nice and stable, but not a super burley ride. Appreciate your thoughts for sure, Phil.
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Great responses. It seems that the MX 78 in the 178 size would be my best choice for the best choice for my daily driver in the east.Based on other comments I will have to re-think the 2nd ski. Possible go wider than 98.  

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