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Hey All,


Went to Northstar over the weekend for Tough Mudder. Weather was sunny but not too warm. Not much snow on the ground but beautiful day overall.


In case you have not done a Tough Mudder and thinking about it. The first 6 miles are uphill all the way to the summit. It is extremely tiring if you haven't eaten breakfast as well. When my group hit the summit half of us just wanted to throw in the towel but the others rallied all of us to keep going as it was only a mental breakdown, which is true. You can choose to do or not do the obstacles. I personally did no obstacles with the shocks because I do not want to pay to hurt myself. After the summit the downhill part was really nice but the obstacles were further apart and had fewer water stations and food pick ups on the way which is kind of annoying. 


Took our group about 4 hours to complete the 10 mile race. I highly recommend doing 6 mile runs. My physical fitness is not at its peak but I am into fitness as I used to play D2 college soccer. A lot of people walk in between obstacles which is perfectly fine and you get to meet a lot of people that encourage you to keep going. Overall it is a good vibe. 


I personally did not like how a lot of water obstacles were in the beginning. We started at 9 and were cold most of the way to the summit because it was not warm enough. 


It was cool to see Northstar with no snow and see what the grounds look like. Now I cannot wait for snow season and skiing.