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Ski Make: Salomon
Ski Model: Hot's, Extra Hot's, Crossmax 10, 1080
Ski Length: see below
Snow Conditions Used In:-22F old snow, groomed, wind blowen.
Number of Days Used:1
Your Ability:8/9
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing:14
Avg. Days per Year Skiing:65+
Other Skis You Like:Volkl's
Your Height/Weight: 5'11"/195lbs
Comments: Hot's, demoed them in 175 and 165, OK ski not very exciting.
Extra Hot's demoed 175 and 165, 175's felt good, stable at speed, would be more at home with more (deep) snow.

Extra Hot's in 165, WOW fun ski on hard pack, liked to be out from under you. Able to make all turn shape's with much effort at any speed. Good edge hold.

CrossMax 10 175, I felt I could not get the tips or tails to contact the snow, not a very fun ski. Could have been to long.

CrossMax 10 165, WOW fun ski, good edge hold, easy to turn at all speeds, good pop out of the turn.

1080 171cm, surprize of the day, didn't like to make slow turns, get a little speed, get the skis out from under you, HOLD ON, these things rip. Like the Extra Hot's, for a wide ski I found they liked to do the "new school SL turns" feet wide apart and just lay them over on edge and load the tails, great pop out of the turn.

I skied all the skis on the same trail, Quantum Leap under the Jackson Gore Lift at Okemo. It was to cold and windy to go anywhere else. The wind chill was -50F or more. It was two runs, then in to get warm. I know it's a rough job, but someone had to do it. I even took a vacation day to do this demo.