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Anyone have experience with North Face jackets?

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Here in BC, North Face jackets are very trendy and most are only subjected to the wild environment of a Starbucks patio .


The Decagon jacket seems to have the features I am looking for but I have no experience with North Face products.


Can anyone weigh in?



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Official North Face clothing carries a lifetime warranty. I have been wearing North Face jackets since the late 70's with no issues. Even the stuff from their second store is good( however without the warranty). North Face is now using there own breathable water proofing, with only the more expensive jackets using Gor-Tex. I have one of their jackets using the HyVent technology and it works. Decagon jacket look fine. If you are using this for skiing I check that the hood works with a helmet on, if you wear one;). It might not matter to you, but I use my hood on the lift on those cold and windy days.

North Face is good. I still have my mountain guide parka and bibbs from the 80s

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Most of my North Face stuff comes from the TNF factory outlet, first when they had one in SF and now from Berkeley.  At one time the biannual salesman sample sale--all medium in size--had huge discounts but that changed a couple of years ago.  As mentioned above, there is no warranty from the outlets and a lifetime warranty from retails stores.  Either way, the outerwear and other goods (e.g., knapsacks and a tent) seemingly last forever.  I have no idea about the Decagon jacket, but can state things I bought from TNF over a decade ago are still going strong. The only thing I didn't care for was a pair of TNF gloves that I didn't find warm.   Beware: There are a lot of TNF fakes sold on ebay.  If a TNF, Spyder, Descente, etc. is sold for cheap from Asia, it is probably a fake (as an acquaintance found out the hard way).

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TNF "Summit Series" is very well built and excellent stuff; on par with arc' and others in this class. 

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I've had several TNF garments over the years. Trendy or not, they just seem to fit my body better than other manufacturers' clothing. I've had no issues with their performance; they've been waterproof where they're supposed to be and warm when they're supposed to be. My favorite jacket is a TNF and it's going on a decade old now without any signs of failure.

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Though I have yet to test my NorthFace bibs in the extreme hazards of the patio of a Starbucks while rehydrating with a grande iced mocha latte, NorthFace makes great, durable stuff.

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The products are great - so no worries there. I must ask you though, have you tried it on yet? That jacket has an oversized fit.  

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My experience is so-so. Found their jackets seem to delam/leak faster than some, especially around the shoulders. OK pants. Not the worst I've had, but definitely not the best, either. If you're only gonna keep it for three years or so, won't much matter...

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does anyone has experience with TNF Sickline jacket?

I am trying to figure out between the above and arc'teryx sidewinder. (TNF is about $100 cheaper and because of that has my preference...)

thank you,



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Originally Posted by beyond View Post

My experience is so-so. Found their jackets seem to delam/leak faster than some, especially around the shoulders. OK pants. Not the worst I've had, but definitely not the best, either. If you're only gonna keep it for three years or so, won't much matter...



Did you send in those jackets for warranty? I bought one of their jackets years ago with the first generation of hyvent and it delaminated after 4 years of daily use. I sent in my jacket with a polite letter explaining how I felt a jacket with the North Face name should last longer than 4 years, and they promptly sent me a North Face gift card for double the price I paid for that jacket. I've since replaced it with one of their Summit Series Gore-Tex varieties and have been a North Face fan ever since.

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My son just snatched my 1992 Gore Tex Mountain Light jacket (made in Canada!). The jacket is older than him. It works as well as the day I bought it. I also have another 2002 Gore Tex Mountain Light jacket and pants that get regular use. There have been no problems with minimal care.

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I had a heavy coat from 1981 through about 1996.  The plastic at the bottom of the zipper broke on one side.  It was still usable with some fumbling to get the zipper started.  I also have a TNF soft shell jacket scored at Goodwill a couple years ago.  No complaints about anything I've owned.  Friends speak highly of their TNF stuff too.

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The TNF I have is good stuff...and for the price, Great stuff.


I have a Hyvent and Gore-Tex jacket by TNF.  The 1st is 8 years old, and the 2nd about 5-6.  I wear one or the other all winter long for skiing and "Starbucks-Sitting."


The velcro wrist "tighteners" are pretty worn on the older one and need replacing.  Other than that, it's fine and still my favorite jacket that I wear skiing most often.  The Gore-Tex one looks the same as the day I got it, despite plenty of wear itself.


I disagree about the Hyvent being a good water-proofing, as my Gore-Tex one is FAR better in that regard.  IAC, they are very durable and should last you a good long while.

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My GF has one of the top Summit Series Gore-Tex jackets from TNF-- and it's foolishly nice. She also has a lighter but high end Arc' Gore-Tex jacket (she's used it on the mountain, but it's really a warmer-weather, lighter Gore material), so the NF jacket isn't being compared to a vacuum. It gets used mainly above the treeline in the Alps. Easily as good as any of the best jackets out there, and easily as high quality as the Arc'. 


I have had a cheaper HyVent shell (not a winter shell) that I've used for years, bunched up in the tropics, for rainy days around Germany, hiking in moderate temps. It definitely doesn't breath as well as my Gore-Tex winter/skiing shell, but it's waterproof even in the hardest of rains. I've had this model twice, and after 3-5 years, the interior material (I'm guessing the actual HyVent stuff) starts de-laming/peeling in the heck/shoulder area. But I'm crumple the jacket up and jam it into a bag all the time-- I'm not surprised this is happening. And it was cheap. 


I also have a HyVent TNF shell pant for skiing. It's pretty bomber, super comfy, and actually has no trouble breathing while never letting in a drop of water. It's only been two seasons, but that's included some rough wear in the Alps/Kashmir and it looks virtually new. Again, this is a cheaper model than some of their higher end stuff. 


Their Gore stuff is top of the line. The HyVent seems just as water-tight (I've sat in puddles/water/slush, etc), but definitely doesn't breath as well. I couldn't ski/skin in a HyVent jacket, but for pants it's fine-- notably when there is a substantial vent in the knees. 


TNF is one of those brands that covers the gamut, from quality technical gear at the top end, to urban-trendy-style and overpriced, to plain cheap on the low end. 

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I've been skiing in a Summit Series HyVent insulated jacket for over 10 years now and it's still doing great. The only thing is that one of the shoulders is a bit worn because of my bag strap (I also wear the jacket when it gets cold here in NYC). Also there's no vents so it can get pretty hot when temperatures rise on the slopes.


After trying on equivalents from Arc'teryx, REI, Mountain Hardwear and Patagonia, I just bought a North Face thermoball mid-layer because it fit me best. Supposed to get down to 20 degrees tonight in NY so we'll see how it fares as an underlayer.


I'm sure it depends on the line, but in my experience TNF has a slightly more relaxed fit than some other brands, so that may be something to keep in mind.

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I use one of the 3-in-1 TNF jackets when I ski.  I think it's the Phere, but I can't really remember the name as I've had it for a couple years now.  I find it to be of very good quality and it keeps me pretty warm.  When it's in the 20's or so I just throw on a light WoolPower sweater as a midlayer and I can ski all day without getting cold and I never get too warm in it.  I can throw the hood up over my helmet on the lift (I have a pretty big head).

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I had the Decagon jacket, Fargo pants, and a Hustle and Flow suit.  All of them were great pieces.






I wear Flylow Quantum jackets now, the arms are a touch longer than the cut of TNF.

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The mountain light is a very reasonably priced Goretex jacket. I gave mine to my son--I like lots of pockets and the mountain light doesn't have many. The hood is not detachable.

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Interesting thread. I just posted images of my delaminated TNF jacket here.

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I received my TNF jacket back from them a couple weeks back. The flap on the cuff was getting thread worn and beginning to separate. They fixed it and sent it back. I have sent a few items back for repair over the 20 years or so. Great company to buy from.

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The more extensive warranty in the US maybe makes it a good buy there. For the rest of the world not so great. See my link above.

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